Testing my personal shopper skills as an online shopper!


Fashion Stylist Or Fashion Designer?

Before I became a fashion stylist, I used to work as a fashion designer for ASOS.

They initially launched as ‘As Seen On Screen’ where they ‘reinterpreted’ the coveted fashion trends worn by the latest *it girls* but as they started to evolve in to the platform we now know, I designed eye catching fashion styles for savvy online shoppers …and I loved every minute!

However, I did order from 2 other high street fashion brands

Online Stylist

ASOS is progressive, offering a a plethora of online shopping options for your wardrobes, Sydney!:

  • Marketplace – international sellers of pre-loved fashion
  • Inclusive plus size fashion, petite, tall & maternity styles
  • Offers international designers to the Australian consumer
  • Face & Body – the latest beauty care

My Personal Styling Client Needs

I’m wanted to investigate a subdivision of ASOS that I think my personal styling clients would appreciate to see how it stacks up, ASOS EDITION.

When I’m hosting a personal shop, many clients are looking for pieces that cover their knees, arms and can be worn with flats and heels.. so that’s what I delivered!


PRO’S – stunning shade & flattering square neck

CON’S – wayyy too tight across bust, feels like the fit of this dress is more ‘youth’ than woman, probably because it’s in their main range

Great if you have a baby bump or post baby bump

The trapeze shape flares from fullest part of bust so you loose your under bust waist/empire line shaping



PRO’S – Comfortable shirred waist.

Fantastic colour & shape is flattering on all female body types. Lots of room for fuller busts and tummies (baby bumps) & hips

Fabric is more elevated than plain cotton so looks more expensive

Takes you seamlessly from day to night

CON’S – bit low cut but easy to tack the V neckline to raise it a little



PRO’S – unusual colour makes it look very ‘designer’ and fantastic value considering the amount of fabric used

The seaming and shaping/fit over bust & waist was excellent, and did I mention the colour?

CON’S – looked amazing on model but I felt a little bo-peep-slash-90’s-bridesmaid on me, although I liked it for a fun fashion look


4/ TOPSHOP @ASOS – £60

PRO’S – love this fun yet sophisticated floral mis-match, a fantastic interpretation of the designer trend

Wear for summer + sandals and the winter + boots & knitwear

Perfect day-to-night dress

Easy fit as it’s cut on the bias so natural stretch and comfort over the body, again, great for a baby/post baby bump

CON’S – slinky fabrics flatter most with big knickers or shape-wear underneath. I always advise against a firm fit Spanx but go instead with light/medium control knickers one size bigger


5/ ASOS EDITION – £100

PRO’S – fully lined, stretchy & comfy with timeless feminine & flattering seaming you’ll be wearing for years

Also comes in white. AMAZING. Kept it so you’ll be seeing on my insta grid!

CON’S – bit low cut but easy to tack the V neckline to raise it a little


Outcome Of My Online Personal Shop

So outcome is, ASOS itself offers a more ‘fast fashion’ product and generally my personal styling clients want something a little more ‘sophisticated’ or different and this is where ASOS EDITION kicks in which has some fantastic flattering pieces in superior design & fabrics.

Perfect when you want something elevated without the designer price tag, which in Australia is can easily mean forking out $400-$600 for a similar product!!

The online ordering process, communication & returns were the most simple of the 3 brands I ordered from, free of charge and paper free too!

Check out ASOS EDITION here !!

All dresses were on sale & size 8

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