Colour & Style Makeover – Smart Casual

So many of my clients struggle to create contemporary, smart casual outfits they can wear for a variety of day-to-day occasions

These upgrades not only flatters my clients body type & colourings much more, but they’re practical outfit solution for stylish mums who wants to FEEL more ‘put together’ yet relaxed

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Style and colour makeover
Style and colour makeover
Style and colour makeover

Fashion Makeover

PHOTO 1 : Why throw on a pant & top (left), when you can throw on the flattering choice (right) that makes you look slimmer, younger and way more stylish?

PHOTO 2 : These 2 dress styles are both fantastic on Amanda and all women need both these shapes in their wardrobe. This easy-fit day dress is elevated due to the silky fabric, flattering shade and stylish accessories. The blue body-con is a bold choice for a special event and I think you’ll agree she looks a knock out!


Colour Consultant – Hair

You carry your hair around every day so my Colour Consultant skills advise you of your best hair tone which changes EVERYTHING!

Many ladies with mousey hair add too many cool blonde highlights which wash them out, when in fact they need warmer tones to add depth.

These transformations enrich my clients complexion, even out skin tone, their eyes sparkle making them look younger and fresher.


Hair makeover
Hair makeover
Hair makeover

Colour & Beauty Makeover Photoshoot


Helen has delicate, cool colourings and looks completely overwhelmed wearing a heavy black dress with strong pink lip

Many ‘summers’ make the mistake of wearing stronger hues hoping it will strengthen their features, when in fact the complete opposite is true.

Now you can appreciate Helen’s natural beauty, less is more here!


Helen is a SUMMER and needs more delicate colours

Colour & Beauty Makeover Photoshoot


Victoria looks best in jewel hues with strong blue undertones, which echos the strong contrast between her features

She can take a lot more deep, true colour than the pale dress that washed out her beauty!



Colour & Beauty Makeover Photoshoot


Springs are often afraid of vibrant shades yet this is how their strong features come alive!

Dani had never tried on a jumpsuit but I knew she would make this warm orange style look INCREDIBLE

She looks striking, yet balanced.



Dani is a SPRING and needs more vibrant colours

Colour & Beauty Makeover Photoshoot


Almost all my clients gravitate towards some tone of grey, yet it’s one of the most unflattering shades on most people!

Sarah’s deep warm colourings needs rich shades.

Earthy forest colours make Sarah glow and you can see the improvement, even in how glossy her hair becomes!


Sarah needs rich earthy shades

How To Style Coloured Pants

I bought a pair of red pants, purely because I’d outfitted all these outfits for 2 different clients with very different body types and personal styles…without the use of 1 black top!


Try wearing your favourite colour on your bottom…

10 brand new outfits created!
10 brand new outfits created!

Garment Makeover

This short dress no longer satisfied my clients lifestyle, so I gave it a sophisticated makeover!

By changing the use from a dress to a top, I re-purposed it, so I used the same strategy on my one-shoulder dress!

Then I engaged my 4 Step Makeover Process to transform this top, again, using what my client ALREADY owned



Repurpose short dresses in to tops!
Repurpose short dresses in to tops!
A garment makeover from what my client already owns!

Garment Makeover – Tailoring

The best money you can spend is taking an outfit you *almost* love and MAKING IT FIT YOUR BODY rather than the other way round

You’ll wear it more, reducing your cost-per-wear and feel really confident knowing it’s perfect for you!

It’s the reason why celebrities always look so good.

Garment makeover
Garment makeover