Below, I introduced you to the 17 cannot-live-without clothes styles you need in your #iso #wfh wardrobes Sydney, AND for living life in general – ’cause remember, I’m the type of personal stylist who encourages sustainable wardrobe choices..

And with most of us on a more limited budget at the moment, it seems the perfect time to help your money go further!

Re-styling = Effortless Wardrobe Makeover

In my video below (click here to refresh your memory), I explained the types of styles needed, many of which you probably already own, explaining the features & benefits which generate effortless styling both up & down.

Well, I know you’re dying to see the all outfits I generated..

….. and guess how many outfits I did create?

No, go on, guess?

I MADE 60 OUTFITS!!! From pieces you probably already own!

You only have to wear each outfit 6 times and you have 1 years worth of clothes from just 17 pieces!!

Now can you understand the value of a professional personal stylist in generating bang-for-buck from your clothes purchases?

I’ve Just Created Your Personal Shopper “Shopping List”

And if you DON’T own similar styles already, then we’ve just identified your next shopping list!! You’re welcome!!

Read more about my Personal Shopper service here

So have a look at how I’ve worked as a wardrobe planner to co-ordinate these pieces and have a go with YOUR versions from YOUR wardrobe. See how the tops + bottoms combine because of the colour and shape I’ve chosen, plus how the pieces layer too!

Is there 60 brand new outfits sitting in YOUR wardrobe waiting to be discovered?

The Vital Role Of A Colour Palette

Sticking to a colour palette plays a HUGE role in how effortlessly these pieces work together because the TYPES of shades are similar, therefore harmonious. Read more about my colour consultant service which identifies the colours that flatters your features that you can build your wardrobe from.

You can see that only 3 pieces are in black and 2 in white so don’t let any fashion stylist tell you that you need black & white as the scaffolding to your closet. That just lacks imagination!

These versatile fashion styles will take you literally ANYWHERE inside ISO and beyond:

  • from your couch-to-gym
  • lounge-to-lunch
  • from-zoom meetings-to-dinner prep
  • cleaning-to-cocktail making
  • playground-to-office rotation
  • Saturday sports-to-dining out
  • disinfecting-to-dancing-round-your-living-room
  • banana-bread-baking-to-dinner-time-making

Did I miss anything? (All with responsible social distancing of course).

Re-style the outfit AND the Item

As well as styling these outfits ‘up & down’ to satisfy 60 occasions, I’ve also re-styled a few crucial pieces in several ways.

The black top, pencil skirt & legging, as well as the shirts are all versatile enough to create different shapes.


Focus On Just A Few Fashion Styles?

So, I encourage you to re-run my 17 piece capsule wardrobe video, then check back through my 60 outfits, but you might prefer to focus on just 6-7 items and play only with them, and that’s fine.

My goal in doing this for you wasn’t about achieving a certain amount of new outfits, it was about showing you the process of starting to create any new outfits at all.

Contact me if you want to expand your wardrobe choices without spending a penny more on new clothes!

You’ll never say “I have nothing to wear” ever again!!