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(& you can actually DO that in these pants!!)

You NEED This Fashion Style In Your Wardrobes Sydney!

As a personal shopper in Sydney, I know you’ve been searching for a comfortable, casual pant, versatile enough to take you pretty much anywhere.

1 fashion style that you can wear #wfh but also happy to leave the house in, you can smarten for work and A L L activities in between, because let’s face it, these days most of our daily life is spent on these everyday pursuits.

We need to make sure our wardrobe matches our lifestyle needs

Sustainable Fashion Approach

Lots of clients think that to achieve lots of different looks in your wardrobe, you need lots of clothes – but that’s simply not the case.

You just need the RIGHT clothes.

And sometimes that just takes a bit more patience, research and wardrobe planning – and that’s what I’m here for!

What Is ‘Smart Casual’ Style?

Finding a ‘smart casual pant’ is an item most of my personal styling clients struggle with, a pant that fills the void between jean and active-wear legging

It’s a casual style in a cleaner, smarter fabric

Whatever your age, size, body type this pant will suit YOU!

And depending on your personal style, there’s soooo many ways to style them too!

The tapered leg that skims your body means there’s less fabric flapping about compared to a wider leg, meaning you feel comfortable wearing them to more events, and because they’re not skin tight, you don’t have to keep them just for ‘thin days’

Fashion Styling

Have a look at 3 ways i’ve styled them (or the almost identical pair I already own) and scroll down to see the actual LuLuLemon pair in action

And Where Are They From?

Drum roll please…..

They’re from the American Fitness wear brand LuLuLemon!

Did you guess it?

The Keep Moving Pant at $129

Well designed pants born out of our real world need to seamlessly move from dog walking, to business meeting


And the reason they’re so versatile?

They’ve left off :

> LuLuLemon logo

> triple stitching

> oversized pockets

> elasticated hems etc.

Basically all the things that would make them harder to style smarter!

Fashion Shopper Tip

It’s actually what they’ve left OFF, that makes them a clever design, so consider this clean minimal approach as a value-add feature when you next purchase

They actually appear a looser fit on the website but I found them less baggy in real life, I wore a size 10 and i’m generally around a size 8, 9 or 10 so I went up slightly, rather than down.

Remember, the brand is American so you need to go down 2 sizes, so a size 10 = size 6 at LuLuLemon

It’s All About The Fabric

Fabric is one of the key reasons you enjoy – or don’t enjoy – wearing your clothes but it’s an area that’s not regularly considered

@lululemon have created gym friendly technical fabrics that they’re now making in ‘street’ styles


The Actual LuLuLemon Pant In Action!

The music’s a little loud (or maybe I’m just showing my age ;-)) but this is the actual LuLuLemon KEEP MOVING PANT in action:

Petite Body Types

Such a large percent of my female clients are petite (5ft 3″ and under) so I was delighted that there’s a crop pair in navy.

Also perfect for those of you who have shorter legs or just prefer a crop length

Navy is pretty much as versatile as black, depending on your personal style

My Styling Services

Here’s a few more ways to style these pants for a variety of seasons using tanks, knits and brogues!

I’d LOVE to see how you’ve styled your pant, send me photos!


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