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With spring racing, Christmas party’s and new year all within a hop-skip-and-a-jump from each other here in Australia, finding the most flattering lipstick shade is an important part of your fashion style. As a PERSONAL COLOUR CONSULTANT, I identify the most flattering colours to suit your individual features but this doesn’t start and stop with… Read more »


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As a wardrobe stylist I’ve seen complete extremes in peoples wardrobes, one client with only 15 items, yet another housing over 20 years worth of clothes and accessories across four huge rooms. It’s amazing how over the years we can accumulate so many ‘things’, scarves, jackets, shoes etc. and it’s essential that every now and… Read more »


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As a Sydney colour consultant, my business is based on helping people understand why certain shades look better on them than others. It depends on your natural colourings – and one of those is the colour of your hair. These 2 articles are re-pinned from WHO WHAT WEAR and shows what type of colours look… Read more »

Eva Longoria

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This is a great example of when a woman wears the wrong shape and colour for her particular features (click on image to enlarge). Eva Longoria is a beautiful, slender woman. However, the outfit on the left:- – swamps her petite figure – makes her athletic figure look more rectangular – does not flatter her… Read more »