Hello, real women of the world, how is covid-comfort-eating + slinky yoga pants going for you?

Not ‘Coronavirus’, I’m Talking About The Other ‘C’ Word

Cotton On Body Top + Seed Cycle Shorts – see Personal Shopper Section below for details

Ever since we got told to ‘stay home to save lives’, I think I read it as ‘stay home for snack time’ and when I chat to others, it sounds like we’ve all been doing the same!

This devastating uncertainty seems to have triggered a comfort eating – and alcohol drinking – pandemic in us which further encourages dimples on our skin

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Comfort Eating (& Drinking)

I’m actually writing this whilst consuming copious glasses of red wine and enough Easter chocolate to feed a family of 20, which is the perfect reason to tell you about real-world clothes styles that compliment real-word body image issues we ALL face such as C E L L U L I T E

Now don’t get me wrong, as a fashion stylist who likes to change up looks, some days I’m ok with cellulite and couldn’t care less, but other days it’s the bane of my life and I just don’t want to SEE it.

Our mental health is being put to the test right now and if we can make small changes to see ourselves more positively and not get bogged down by the small stuff we can’t change, then I’m all for it.

You feeling me?

I’m ok with stretch marks and less-than-sexy skin on my tummy, it housed my child so I’m pretty grateful – occasionally even proud of that part of my body

However, cellulite is another thing entirely. It serves NO purpose!!

And it’s the one thing most of my personal styling clients comment on when dressing.

Comfort Dressing

The other thing we’re all doing collectively during this #iso time is living in a limited amount of comfy clothes and for most of us that means a lot of soft, stretchy fashion styles such as lounge-wear and active-wear.

I think we’re all needing a soft cosy hug right now aren’t we?

Perfect For ANY Lifestyle!

But as a personal stylist, I know that the stretchy jersey fabrics I’m introducing you to to aren’t just limited to work-out gear, but work across all product areas for inside AND outside the gym, the office, the bar and the races (remember those places we used to go to?)

Perfect For ANY Body Types!

Fabric is powerful enough to give us an instant skin makeover!

These jersey knits are PERFECT for any tighter fitting clothes you might want to enjoy more, including tops and dresses because we can get annoying dimples or unsightly skin anywhere on our bodies regardless of what body type we are and how much we try and eliminate it!! – aren’t we lucky?

(I’ve been exercising consistently for over a year now and I STILL have cellulite!?!?!?! (And eating the entire contents of my house while at home every day is NOT helping!!))


This Ribbed Fabric Can Solve Any Body Image Problem!

What I’m talking about specifically is a ribbed jersey fabric.

This is what my black Seed bike shorts are made from that I’m wearing in the first photo above and left (black now sold out – because flattering product sells quickly! But see below for alternative), that will flatter any areas where you feel you’re ‘limited’ in what you feel comfortable wearing.



Cellulite around your knees = buy 3/4 or long pants in rib

Dimples on your tummy = purchase a one piece ribbed swimsuit

Dimples over your arms = purchase a sleeved top in rib fabric

ASOS Maternity Rib Top

Including Pregnancy!

Pregnancy often calls for extra support for your growing boobs and/or belly = try a ribbed body-con top

Pregnancy can mean you’re less body confident due to lack of exercise = buy a textured dress to smooth you out

Rib jersey has a large stretch and retention capacity so clothes can be worn long before, during and after baby is born. Its the perfect Mummy Makeover fabric

FASHION TIP : HOW TO WEAR BODY-CON DRESSES IF YOU HAVE LUMPS & BUMPS 1. change your underwear to high waist light/medium hold ‘big knickers’ or shorts to create a smooth curve 2. then try a textured or ribbed fabric which conceals unsightly skin

The Fabrics You Need In Your Wardrobes Sydney!

So here’s a quick crash course on what type of FABRICS to look for and what to avoid, and the great news is that jersey is one of the most affordable fabrics on the market!


1.Knitted :

This describes the construction of a fabric that creates natural stretch. ALL jersey fabric is knitted (rather than woven) and jersey is what I’m focused on today

2. Rib Jersey :

The rib structure creates a bumpy texture that conceals our small lumps and bumps by smoothing over them. Rib naturally fits close to the body & adds support

(This Cotton On Body style is the one I’m wearing with my bike shorts. I love how the heavier rib fabric holds me in and the longer length means that when I sit down, I can pull it down to hide folds of skin. If this sounds like what you need, then this is the top for you!)

3. Textured Jersey :

A raised/patterned surface, sometimes called ‘jacquard jersey’ like this navy one shown here.

It acts in a similar way as a rib in terms of concealing the imperfect texture of our skin by covering it with an intentional texture

4. Elastane/lycra :

Stretch yarn that offers stretch & comfort in knitted and woven fabrics. It’s why some clothes fit well and move with you and others don’t

5. Neoprene :

Synthetic heavier weight rubbers used in wet suit fabric where the bonded structure offers better coverage for cellulite.

NOT A JERSEY but still fantastic for improving the look of our skin that’s available in active-wear and swimwear


  • Lightweight stretch cloths that don’t offer decent skin coverage
  • Slinky flat fabric (slinky with a rib or texture is ok but if you have heavy cellulite I’d stay away)
  • Light colours ie. white & blush show off everything! Heavier weights are more flattering

Online Shopping Made Easy

We’ve all been forced to shop online for fashion but that creates challenges around understanding fabrics doesn’t it? So now I’ve made it easy to find the exact product because you know the fabrics to google!!

FASHION TIP : if you sew, why not look for these fabric types at fabric shops to whip up something of your own?

Personal Shopper Product Edit

During these financially uncertain times, as a personal shopper I’m not going to encourage you to shop for anything other than flattering, confidence-building fashion styles and a layer of confidence is worth it’s weight in gold isn’t it?

So here’s the products in these “friendly fabrics” that are worth investing in because they’ll make you look and feel fantastic, loooonnnggg after the coronavirus has disappeared

…and the great news,

– lots are seamless and therefore ultra comfortable

– they come in loads of different colours

– the returns policy is extended

– most are on sale!!

– these clothes are flexible to allow for a little weight gain or loss during this ‘new normal

Bike Shorts

These are a strong fashion trend and not for everyone but if you’re thinking about a new short shape, I encourage you to try them as the high waist longer length styles are surprisingly flattering!

Yoga Pants & Sets

FASHION TIP : remember that darker colours help hide cellulite more than lighter shades – BUT THIS DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO STICK TO BLACK!

Tube Skirts

A fantastic item to own that grows and shrinks with you, perfect for pregnancy too

Tank Tops

Because these are close fitting, they’re easy to pop warmer layers over in autumn and winter

FASHION TIP : if you want to wear lighter shades then textured and ribbed fabrics help them flatter and conceal

Sleeved Tops

Versatile enough to wear with jeans or out to a bar


As a fashion stylist I know that a body-con dress is a versatile must-have that will take you anywhere. It’s a blank canvas, just change up your accessories depending on where you’re going!


One of THE most confronting items of clothing to buy so feel less exposed wearing textured fabric


I take my personal shopper clients in non-maternity stores and show you to types of styles that will flatter and accommodate a bump so you have more choice and less compromising!

Read more about my Personal Shopping For Maternity Wardrobes here

So when one of the biggest decisions of the day for most of us right now is what to wear (or what colour wine to drink), let’s make sure both are choices that makes you smile, because we DEFINITELY need more smiles right now.

Enjoy your wardrobe, and your body. Stay healthy


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