So now the cooler weather has finally arrived (with an arctic wind chill factor that’s more shocking than the latest election win) we’re heading in to winter, or as a personal stylist I like to call more accurately –


Whistles $290 – Country Road $80 – Cupcakes & Cashmere @Shopbop $142

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE skirts and wear them for as long as I possibly can because they’re comfortable, allow a little room for weight fluctuations etc. but the reality is that the colder weather generally sees most of my personal styling clients regularly reaching for trousers..and let’s face it, 80% of the time, those are jeans.

So what does that mean when it comes to ‘outfitting’?

Tops For Jeans……and Forever

It means we wear more ‘tops’, so here’s my PERSONAL SHOPPER pick of the best high-street & haute-street ‘tops’ that work with pants that you can wear now, and for seasons to come – as you know, I’m not a ‘buy-it and bin-it’ kinda stylist. For that reason, these tops only made the cut if their fashion style is:

  • Contemporary, not too ‘fashun-ey’
  • Easy wear
  • Comfortable fabric, none are more than 15% polyester and most are natural fibers
  • Versatile so you can wear across different lifestyles ie. casual, work etc..
  • Autumn-winter appropriate so they will all have longer sleeves
  • Also work paired with shorts in summer (and most can be tucked in to skirts too!)

Functionality Friendly Fashion Trends

Statement sleeves are a huge fashion trend but from a practical point of view (and you know I’m a functional fashion stylist), this can limit layering, so I’ve picked wider sleeves in the most lightweight of fabrics. You’re welcome.

These Tops Offer An Instant Wardrobe Makeover Sydney!

I want these tops to work really hard for you and what I mean by that is that they need to be no-brainer-impact-making-pieces as;

I’m all about making maximum impact for minimal input!

I want them to give your jeans a style makeover so you feel like you have whole new outfit when in fact, you’ve only spent money on one top.


Talking of price, all these styles cost between $40-$260 with most under $180, but remember if you sign up to a new website there’s often a 10-20% discount off your first purchase. I mean, you’d be silly not to take advantage of this . . . even if it means borrowing your partners persona to create a new customer if you’re an existing fan.

Why should your loyalty exclude you from a discount?

Now, I know ‘tops’ can be quite a loose term so let me get specific on what it’s NOT:
> These are not button down shirts
> These are not t-shirts

So generally going in to winter, the shops are full of knitwear which mean woven ‘tops’ kinda take a back seat. Let’s face it, tops are MUCH easier to buy during warmer months but I like a challenge so I’m bringing you ‘winter woven tops’ some of which rock some serious French girl vibes!!

Blouses are back!

Talking of fabrics, have you seen my mini-vid about the 2 main types of cloths? (please excuse the less than flattering thumbnail)

Will It Flatter MY Body Type?

I’ll also be telling you how they conceal or enhance our different female body types, as over the next few months I’m going to be talking all things ‘body shape’ and this little blog combines both subjects rather nicely!

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

As an image consultant, I get asked this question a lot, but first of all you need to identify “what is my body shape?”

Click through to my BODY TYPES page which offers an overview of how our different types of shapes can be categorised, in order to offer guidelines around what flatters you the most.

For those of you who need further personalised insight, book in for a PERSONAL ANALYSIS where I’ll teach you what clothes styles to maximise and which to minimise – that’s when many clients have an ‘AH-HA’ moment realising WHY that’s the case!

My Top 10 Fashion Styles To Have In Your Wardrobe Sydney!

Click the link on the name of the top for more details or to make a purchase.

personal shopper sydney


Embroidered Metallic Top

$80 (on sale)

Fantastic value for a start! Metal yarn adds a more glam dimension on a berry shade that flatters most skin types

Conceals: tummy, pregnancy bump, love handles

Enhances: smaller busts. Great for apple shapes

personal shopper sydney


Shirred Top

$192 (on sale)

This one could see you through pregnancy and beyond! Maternity wear can be purchased from main line fashion brands

Conceals: tummy, pregnancy bump, love handles

Enhances: bust, hi-waist. The rows of shirring elastic can add support to your bust

personal shopper sydney


Katalina Blouse


I love how this style isn’t too high up the neck so it’s easier to wear. The fine lace means it’s not too see-through to wear only a bra underneath. The black tipping makes pairing back with black jeans a no-brainer!

Conceals: tummy

Enhances: smaller busts & narrow or sloping shoulder. Great for pear shape figures

personal shopper sydney


Florist Shirt

$180 (on sale)

Boho at it’s best! The open neckline keeps this a bit sexy and the adjustable drawstring waist fits many different female body type

Conceals: straighter torso or a small tummy. Longer arms

Enhances: décolletage & hips

personal shopper sydney


Claudia Embroidered Blouse


Bright embroidery on a navy base means you can pair it with lots of different colours. Navy flatters more people than black

Conceals: Large bust

Enhances: torso length because of the button placket & also facilitates breast feeding

personal shopper sydney


Daisy Print Top


Particularly gorgeous paired with white. Classic shape & pattern that will never really date!

Conceals: fuller or small bust, a tummy

Enhances: décolletage, slim arms

personal shopper sydney


Sweetheart Neck Top


If you prefer plainer fabric over patterns, this one is for you! Elasticated shoulders for maximum comfort, ..and those earrings

Conceals: narrow or sloping shoulder

Enhances: small bust & the button placket also facilitates breast feeding

personal shopper sydney


Embroidered Ruffle Top


An unusual and impactful shade of yellow. The neckline protects the chest from harmful UV with a sheer sleeve so you don’t feel too ‘covered’

Conceals: lack of waist, good for apple shapes

Enhances: narrow shoulders. Works well on pear shapes as the frill balances the lower body

personal shopper sydney


Check Button Front Top


A classic pattern for those of you who prefer something more conservative which makes it great for work too!

Conceals: hips

Enhances: waist & the button placket also facilitates breast feeding

10/. BODEN

Rosamund Wrap Top


Wrap tops create adjustable sizing which allow for weight fluctuations, just layer a tonal cami under if you need to cover a cleavage.

Conceals: wraps work in 2 ways, to conceal a more boyish torso AND flatters hourglass curves

Enhances: Bust, waist & hips

So, will any of these fantastic fashion styles end up in your wardrobes Sydney?

Sustainable Fashion Stylist

As a mindful personal stylist, I’m always considering how to transform your clothes as it creates a more sustainable approach to textiles and consumption.


If in a couple of years you decide you want to wear it more frequently during summer (and why wouldn’t you when they’re mostly all made from natural or breathable fibers), then why not remove or reduce the sleeve length? Alterations offer an instant style makeover!!



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