Country Road SS19 Campaign

If you’ve only got 5 minutes and want a quick run down of the key fashion trends to have in your wardrobes this spring summer 2019, then as your Sydney personal shopper, I’ve collated it all for you, right here….and ps: spring summer is looking good!!:


All my personal styling clients have a different approach to dressing depending on their personal fashion style, so here’s my stylist advice:

– If you want to look ‘on-trend’ buy in to 1 or 2 pieces
– If you want to look edgy fashionista, buy in to a few


Combining the above pieces to create a brand new outfit!!



> This isn’t about dull pastels, this is about zingy sorbet & macaroon shades and because they have more colour, they’re generally more flattering on your skin tone!!

> Think structured semi-tailored shapes for events and or lighter weight fabrics for day

>Feminine details such as architectural ruffles or folds to keep this look modern and clean

>This isn’t about boho or girly lace, this are solid colour statements

>Complete the look with strappy-barely-there sandals particularly with squared off toe

>Shows how softer shades can still create impact

>Perfect look for minimalists or those who like to look more feminine

>Mango is the newest colour for the more fashion savvy

> I’ve also included knitwear to show to you how this trend will progress in to Autumn 2020 (you all know i’m not a one-season kinda girl)




Scanlan Theodore

*click through to my instagram style.sense to see more detail on each trend board including brands & prices

How to make the trend works for cooler months


  • One shoulder
  • Tie dye
  • Ruffles & folds
  • Trends that continue: slip dresses & chunky sneakers
David Jones – these shades could sit in either colour trend group!

———– NEARLY NEON ———-

>Fun fluro shades in clean silhouettes

>Some colours aren’t quite neon, but strong statement vivids

>Great way to update our swimwear for a flash of newness

>The key colours are sunset hues, think bold orange, hot pink and bright yellow

>Use these vivid shades to highlight a feature you like ie, bust

>If you’re less colour confident, then try in an accessory

>The perspex shoe is the ideal way to limit colour to just your clothes


  • Puff sleeves
  • 80’s mini dress + sleeves
  • Structured t-shirts
  • Teva style chunky platform sandals
  • Bike shorts
  • One shoulder


Country Road


Camilla & Marc


With these 2 major colour trends, have a look in your wardrobe first before heading to the shops as you might have pieces you can combine already to create a new look, or 1 piece you can build on rather than having to buy an entire outfit?


Belle & Bunty

>The perfect fashion trend for those less body confident

>Pattern camouflages areas of your body you feel less confident about

>Asymmetric hemlines help to flatter ALL body shapes

>Patchworking is the most exciting way to update your florals and because you buy the item already mis-matched then it’s taken all the guess work out for us!

>Go for a mix of 2 if you want a more subtle nod to the trend or go for pieces with 3 or 4 florals mixed if you’re a maximalist

>Feminine, floaty and fun

>Perfect way to refresh your dresses in particular because there’s so much choice!

>These clothes work really hard so you don’t need to even think about accessories

>Works for day and event dressing so could be perfect for Christmas day!?!


  • 70’s vibe continues…still
  • Maxi dresses
  • Mini dresses with sleeves
  • Asymmetric hemlines – UBER flattering


Rixo London




So ladies, I hope I’ve shown how you can buy in to these looks regardless of your confidence, fashion appetite and budget?


Rixo London

As a wardrobe planner, I suggest that before you hit the shops, you have a look inside your wardrobe – right to the back including that pile you haven’t touched in forever – and plan how you’ll be refreshing it for spring summer 2019 as I often find gems inside the closets of my personal styling clients which reduces the need to buy brand new product.

Call me for a quick personal shop if you need some help with which fashion trends would work best for your features, body shape and lifestyle!

Enjoy spring summer 19!!



Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing technically ‘wrong’ with these pieces (I actually LOVE these fashion styles or I wouldn’t have bought them, I am a wardrobe planner after all) but they just didn’t work as hard in my wardrobe as they should because of their shade.


So rather than go out and buy almost identical piece in a deeper colour which as a personal shopper I know could take up LOADS of my time and energy, using less money, I gave what I currently own an instant wardrobe makeover !!


When training to become a personal stylist, studying colour was the essential cornerstone which taught me not only how to analyze my personal styling clients, but my own features as well, hence why I then realised that these pieces could look and feel even better on me:

  • They’re too grey (grey DOES NOT suit me, makes me look & feel like an old women)
  • Now I know that earthy forest colours flatter my features best, i’ve evolved my wardrobe and nowadays, these greyish items don’t pair easily with the rest of my clothes
  • Therefore I don’t wear these fashion styles as much as I should

I’m building my mix & match dream wardrobe that works effortlessly together and this is part of the process


Image from Pinterest

So you probably share a similar problem with items in your wardrobes, wherever you live in the world, I bet you have a few clothes styles that almost work, but that could benefit from a ‘tweak’?

Maybe you have a grey knitted jumper you love but your partner turns up his nose every time you throw it on because it’s a little ‘drab’, or maybe a cream pant you never wear in case you spill your lunch down them and would prefer a shade of khaki. Sound familiar?

Or maybe you bought something on sale for a bargain price but you don’t wear and would like to dye it grey because it’s your favorite colour, well now you can give it a second life!

Image from Pinterest malegroomingacademy.com

I liken dying clothes and shoes to a ’spray tan’ because by enhancing the shade, you achieve the best results like I have here.

Of course you can make dramatic changes too but you would need more than 1 pot of dye and there’s a few elements to consider so keep reading…


I know from working years as a personal stylist that a lot of my clients, male and female, own a lot of grey. Now, I totally ‘get it’, it’s a reliable, safe and versatile shade, however, it actually only flatters about 1/5th of the population – and I’m being generous with that number. On most of us, grey makes us look, well, “grey”. And if we look grey, we can feel grey and that’s the opposite of how I want you to feel in your clothes.


Now, I hold myself partly responsible for the amount of grey in the shops…

Image from Pinterest

When I used to design ladies fashion, I would put most of my designs in at least one shade of light grey, mid grey or charcoal, basically because I knew it would sell.

Based on how I was churning out clothing designs for international fashion markets for 15 years, that’s a lot of grey clothes in store and if we see it, we buy it, not really thinking much about whether it actually FLATTERS our features, and the chances are that only 1 in 5 (or 6) of you reading this will actually look great in the colour grey.


Now I work on the other side of fashion as a personal stylist, I’m much more concerned with the types of colours that suit you as an individual and actively steer clear of grey when dressing most of my image consultant clients!!



So let’s get down to the practical details.

For my clothes I use an everyday hero – DYLON MACHINE DYE POD 350g. This new incarnation are pretty idiot proof, they even contain the salt, the only downside is that the pod is unfortunately made of plastic.

I’ve tried other brands but Dylon are by far the best, easy to use with fantastic results even for those of you dying clothes for the first time. So erase the images of streaky fake tan you might see and replace with seamless, even coverage with NO MESS!


You pop the pod in the machine with your damp garment, wash at 30 degrees, wash again, remove and dry. Then wash your machine on a hot wash to remove any residue and you can use it straight after without fear of dying any of your whites!

FASHION TIPS: Try buying Dylon dyes online if the shade you want isn’t stocked at your local supermarket, Lincraft or Spotlight and they’re often cheaper at stores like Ebay and Amazon too!

NB: I often dye a couple of things at the same time because changing the colour does use 3 wash loads of water so it makes me feel better about my water consumption.

However, when you compare how much water I use to machine dye versus the amount of water to make a new product (8,000 litres to make just 1 pair of jeans) ((I know right)) then there’s really no comparison!

FASHION TIPS: The only risk is working out the amount of dye to use to create your desired shade so my fashion advice is to always start with less dye and add more to the pod the second time around to add intensity


wardrobe makeover sydney
  • I LOVE this piece, it’s inexpensive and I’ve had it for around 9 years (before I became a professional colour consultant) but I’ve only worn it a handful of times.
  • The light weight makes it perfect for Sydney wardrobes
  • The shorter length pairs effortlessly with my higher waist styles I’m currently living in
  • Yet still works with longer layers underneath for lower slung pants & skirts
  • The stretch panels mean it’s comfortable
  • Also fits me regardless of whether I put on or loose a little weight

It’s an *ALMOST* perfect style. Does that sound familiar?

Just the colour wasn’t working for me so I combined 2 shades of Dylon dye to achieve the look I wanted without making it too dark because the stitching lines are likely to remain the same tone

I used : 2/3rds Espresso Brown + 1/3rd Rosewood Red and I only half filled the dye container as this jacket only needed a light spray tan

FASHION TIPS: You can even mix 2 or even 3 shades to achieve your desired colour so your in total control of your personal style!

This jacket is a great example to show you because it has several elements:

  • Fabric shell
  • Metal zip + zipper tape
  • Rib jersey panels
  • Top stitching – the visible dotted lines of sewing of which there’s a lot on this jacket

Each of these are made of a different textile and will soak up the dye differently and therefore end up a different shade so consider this, hence why I gently enhanced with a ‘spray tan’ approach on this particular garment, rather than a complete colour change

Now this richer shade looks SO much more flattering on my features, helps my skin glow and works with so much more of my wardrobe. I’ve given it a new lease of life, all for $17!! (Amazon)

FASHION TIPS: The caveat is that synthetic fibers don’t dye – although you can get specific Dylon dyes for synthetics – therefore tops sew stitching usually remains the same tone because it’s often polyester thread


Now I LURVE these $80 Topshop high waisted pleat front pants, like, to death, but I was struggling to find all the right elements in the 1 pair, the right combination of:

  • Shape
  • Fit
  • Length
  • Pleats
  • AND
  • Colour

So as a fashion stylist, I knew I could compromise slightly on one thing – in this case the shade – because I knew I could change it!

I often talk to my personal styling clients about CHANGING their clothes and accessories to suit THEM, whether it’s a small alteration to better fit THEIR BODY TYPE, or giving the colour a make over. Just because you bought it in that shade doesn’t mean it has to stay like that. Change it! Make it YOURS!! Make it UNIQUE!!

Think of yourself less as a ‘consumer’ and more of a ‘customiser’

I used a small amount of Emerald Green Dylon Machine dye for these pants, just 2cm worth of dye in the pot as I only wanted to take off that masculine brown-ness and make them more fun and feminine


When you can’t afford Chloe, there’s Kurt Geiger

These ankle boots were the closet pair to the Chloe Susanna boot I have ever found based on an international search (read : man hunt) for well over 7 years.

Saphir Suede Spray + Colour 19 Fawn

These were bought from Kurt Geiger for around $180 rather than shelling out $1,520 from Chloe and when they arrived in the post they were a little paler than ideal but comfortable, stylish and totally gorgeous so I kept them and have worn them lots …but I knew they could look better.

So obviously I couldn’t chuck these ankle boots in to the washing machine (but trust me, the thought did cross my mind!) so I wondered if there was such a thing as a suede spray with colour, and low and behold I found this at the first cobblers I tried in the Strand Arcade Sydney CBD!!

colour consultant sydney
Saphir Suede Spray Colours

The fantastic thing about a spray is that you control how many layers you give them and build up your ideal tone over time.

Just tape over features such as metal and off you go!

PLUS, you add to the water resistant protection which is key in Sydney wardrobes!

FASHION TIPS: First spray to the side of the shoe away from the material, then slowly move it on to and across the boot which ensures a more even coverage

The result is a richer suede which in turn makes my legs appear browner and god knows they need it!

So it’s like I’ve just bought a whole new piece of footwear that means I can wear shorter skirts and dresses too, rather than just pants and longer length clothes. They also pair better with my hand bags and belts. Result!


Whatever the fashion trend in colour, there’s a Dylon to match (22 shades in fact)!! You can create maximum impact with a variety of hues so harness your inner fashion stylist and give it a go!

There’s also a ‘Pre-Dye’ to change from one strong colour to another or if you want to achieve a lighter colour

To match your dress to your powder blue blazer, try Dylon’s VINTAGE BLUE shade. Click here to see my Pinterest MONOCHROME OUTFIT board

And why not make a statement with bright pop of pink to pair back with your denim? Try PASSION PINK.Click here to see my Pinterest COLOUR CLASH OUTFIT board

Maybe go head-to-toe with deep bordeaux separates worn together for maximum impact using the PLUM RED shade.

Split these pieces and wear with orange, blush or white for spring summer

Or create a softer look with a knit & pant using the same shade DUSTY VIOLET but will look slightly different because of the different fabric bases. Click here to see my Pinterest TONAL COLOUR OUTFIT board

And there’s even a JEANS BLUE dye (i’m yet to try) to make over your fav denim!

When you’ve found your perfect fitting jean and prove your love for them by washing and fading them too much or your denim jacket that could do with a refresh, give this one a go!


LEFT – new ‘shacket’ in rose gold
RIGHT – faded bolier suit in rose gold

Dylon machine dyes are also amazing when you want to get your clothes back to the shade you originally bought them in, like my boiler suit above I wear (and wash) weekly or, your favorite black clothing that’s turning the wrong shade of sort-of-black after too many spins around the washing machine like mine below.

Spend $17 to restore your clothes rather than hundreds to replace them!!

FASHION TIPS: Black Dylon dye refreshes your hardest working wardrobe multi-taskers to look like new!

So I hope this article gives you the inspiration to realise that you can change what you don’t like, plus the detail you need to feel confident about trying these techniques on your clothes & accessories?

Let’s face it, everything looks better with a spray tan right?

Contact me and we’ll refresh your wardrobe with a capital “R”


As a personal shopper, I know that new mum’s need clothes that can be low-maintenance-camouflaging-multi-taskers. 

Nifty little clothes styles that gives your wardrobe an instant and effortless mummy makeover!

So mums, we’ve all been there, day after day of TRYING to find decent tops you can breast feed in, or alternatively, feeling like you live your life hiding under a oversized table cloth every time you need to feed your child in public.

Searching for a stylish piece of clothing that makes you feel like you’re in control of your life, when often the arrival of this new little person can make you feel like it’s spinning out of control.

When the thought of a soak in the tub is about as realistic as you managing to put mascara on BOTH of your eyes before leaving the house (we’ve all done it).


My breast feeding personal styling clients want a piece of clothing that makes them feel just that little bit more ‘put together’ that’s not from an overpriced DAGGY OVERPRICED MATERNITY STORE, a garment they might even want to wear afterwards?

So what if I told you you don’t have to *think* about another breast feeding top at all until the summer because, as your fashion stylist, I’ve found you the perfect one right here that you need in your wardrobes Sydney….and the best best news?

It comes in 2 colours!!!


They stock Navy & Camel so there’s one that’s sure to match your personal fashion style! Want to know which colourway would flatter you most? Then book in a colour consultant service.

So you can alternate between the 2 different colour ways, when 1 is in the wash basket, you can throw on the other (and let’s face it, things tend to stay in the laundry for a loonnnggg time at the mo, don’t they?)

This style isn’t about a ‘fashion trend’ but more like a rescue remedy for breast feeding mums that takes you anywhere, allows you to simply ‘lift and feed’, whilst looking stylish. Genius.


So you can watch my 90 second personal shopper video I recorded for you below, but if your baby is a light sleeper, I’ve written it’s features and benefits as also, you might not be able to hear me over the loud music!! – and yes I did tell the store manager they need to turn the music down to allow us personal shoppers some uninterrupted recording time !!


~ It’s the perfect weight, particularly for this time of year

~ It’s knitted which means it’s stretchy and moves WITH your body for when you feel like you need a combo of yoga poses to clip in baby (and maybe another little sibling) to the car seat

~ It’s a stripe and everyone loves stripes, they’re non-offensive and easy wear

~ The 3 colour stripe creates camouflage for your tummy ‘cause let’s face it, all of us feel wayyyyy more conscious of our tummies in the months postpartum. If you’re struggling to identify your new body type after giving birth then book in for an analysis

~ The stripe also helps to hide stains, a style trick I continue to use throughout my 6 years as a parent

~ It’s their signature fabric so it’s tried and tested, wash and wears well

~ Comfortable enough to take a quick nap in 😉


~ This Bardot style offers instant glamour (and let’s face it, we all need a bit of that, regardless of whether we’re breastfeeding)

~ The V neckline is super flattering on almost every single body type out there as it shows off our décolletage which generally one of the slimmest and most attractive areas on a women

~ Lifting up the top panel allows you access to either breast by pulling down the under panel, whilst the top panel retains some coverage of your chest. How bloody LIBERATING!

~ No need for sheets, cover-ups etc, it’s discreet, unfussy, elegant and contemporary

~ You don’t need an under layer like a lot of non-maternity breast feeding styles

~ The cross over panels actually SUPPORTS your bust for when they’re shouting “empty me!!!!”

~ It’s fitted to the body without being a light weight clingy t-shirt that would show every lump and bump

~ It’s close fit means you can easily layer jackets and blazers over the top

~ The armhole sits on true shoulder to allow maximum comfort and arm movement

~ It’s pull-on, no zips or buttons to fuss over

~ It’s not a sloppy oversized top (‘cause we all have enough of them already)

~ It has sleeves so if you forget your coat, you’re covered! Do you do that, concentrate SO hard on packing the 3,451 items your baby needs when you leave the house that you completely forget anything YOU might need?

And wait until you reach the end of this article when you find out the VERY, VERY BEST BENEFIT…


Available XS-L from Karen Millen which have stand alone stores throughout Australia, as well as concessions in David Jones and select Myer stores.

Myself and the model both wore a size ‘S’ which is around a 8-10.

Heads up – Karen Miller cuts small so don’t be surprised if you need to go up 1 size


> this style will liberate you to breast feed in public

> allows you flexible access to both boobs

> it’s dependable, stretchy and comfortable

> eliminates decisions about what to wear

> you get time and head space back

> you remain a calm mama xxx


I wouldn’t be a personal stylist if I didn’t tell you how to style it now, would I?

Wear the camel one with your comfy black pants + denim jacket, then throw on the navy version the next day for a date with the super market + blue jean or denim skirt + white sneaker

In fact, there’s no occasion between now and summer you CAN’T wear one of these tops to;

~ Have a work function coming up you need to pump during? Add your fav black blazer & smart pant over the tan one

~ Got the in laws wedding anniversary event pending? Add a soft lightweight skirt & kitten heel

~ Or maybe your regular mother’s group you attend and you’re sick of feeling like you resemble a homeless person week after week (or was that just me..?)

~ Hell, you could even wear the tan version with black to a funeral if you had to?


They make a dress version too!! $225, check it out here

I know that a lot of my personal styling clients don’t even want to think about what to wear on the bottom, so they love a dress! You’re ready to leave the house in 20 seconds!!


The length is perfect, not too short which means it’s more practical for getting your kids in and out the car, picking up those toys they throw so frequently from the pram and allows you to wear it to work, as well as play.

> TALL friendly

> PETITE – works for you too because the hem would finish just below the knee which is also flattering



A sneaker in navy or metallic


Red heel, or navy or white

Or with a simple black bootie!



There’s currently 20% off EVERYTHING, yes EVERYTHING at Karen Millen which reduces;

The top from $195 to $156 &
The dress from $225 to $180

Plus there’s free standard delivery and free returns if you buy online


So this isn’t a cheap piece, but a quality investment you’ll be wearing wayyy after you’ve finished breast feeding your child.

If you consider you’ll be wearing the top 3 x a week (at least) for approx 1 year = 156 wears = $1 per wear

For those of you who will have a second child, that reduces to $0.50 per wear …and that’s WITHOUT calculating the times you’ll be wearing it beyond breast feeding!!


And if you’re bored of seeing it after so much wear, pass it to a similar sized non-mum friend who will love it because it’s stylish and flattering, or to a new mum who looks likes she’s struggling with how to juggle breast feeding whilst on-the-go, just like we did when we first started.

It could become a kinda pay-it-forward essential that only us insiders know about?

So you can enjoy this time with your baby, knowing that as your wardrobe planner, I’ve kitted you out until the hotter months, and when autumn kicks back in you’re ready to dust them off and slot them back in to your weekly rotation …

… because the VERY, VERY BEST BIT?

These styles flatter POST-breastfeeding boobs by adding support, enhancing our (somewhat deflated) breasts and making our waists look slimmer.

You’re welcome x


*all images from Karen Millen website



If you haven’t made your big winter purchase yet – or even if you have – then here’s my personal stylist edit of the best 5 winter coats on the high street right now.

…And the best bit is, they won’t break the bank!


And They’re Not Just A Fashion Trend

As an image consultant, I’ve chosen longer length coats, not just because they’re a fashion trend, but mainly because of the practical warmth and versatility they offer! So if your current coat style is short, I always suggest to my personal styling clients to own a longer coat too.

Whether it’s heavy weight, unlined etc. is up to you, how hot/cold YOU get and YOUR personal style.

Your In-Store Personal Shopper

You won’t find most of these clothes styles online !!

Which is why I’ve photographed myself in them to show you how they fit. I tried a size 8 in all coats except the Topshop which is size 12 – I’d need size 10/8 ideally.

Personal Stylist Coat Edit :

— 1 : Drop Shoulder Duster Coat —

@H&M $90 — sizes 4-22


  • Perfect to layer over oversized/slouchier clothes if that’s your fashion style
  • If you like less structure, choose this coat style
  • Unlined so it’s lighter-weight so can be worn throughout more months
  • You can layer a jacket underneath if cold
  • This oatmeal is versatile and flattering on a lot of different colourings
  • It’s soft look is created by the short haired fabric

– 2 : Bold B&W Check Belted Coat —

@H&M $140 — sizes 4-22


  • Creates a strong look for an impactful personal brand
  • Defines your waist
  • Timeless black & white check pattern
  • Change belt to a structured wide black for a different fashion look
  • It’s lighter ground creates a lighter look
  • Fully lined

— 3: Coloured Check Crombie —

@Topshop $140 — sizes 4-18


  • Classic shape a little straighter in style
  • More masculine style
  • The flashes of red & yellow adds a little fun to your winter wardrobe
  • Unlined but this coat is heavier than the first and more structured

— 4 : Coloured Belted Coat —

@Portmans $140 30% off — sizes 6-16


  • If you fancy a colour, either of these shades are surprisingly versatile!
  • Feminine style
  • Defines your waist
  • Silver metal trim on the belt so consider this if you wear only gold metal
  • Fully lined

— 5 : Double Breasted Houndstooth —

@Portmans $150 on sale — sizes 6-16


  • Classic black & white houndstooth check
  • Feminine fit through the waist when buttoned up
  • Narrow double breasted flatters more than wide set
  • Comes up big so go down 1 size
  • Fully lined

How These Winter Coats Suit Different Female Body Types


>Longer line fashion styles create a long lean look

>Buy the most snug fit you can to create the most lean look, but consider how many layers underneath you like/need to wear

>Check if you can fit a jacket/blazer under for those needing to layer tailoring underneath for the office

>It’s key that the shoulders & armholes fit you well

If You’re A Pear Body Type:

Go for either of the belted styles as they’re adjustable to fit over your fuller hip/thigh

If You’re An Inverted Triangle Body Type:

Generally you would have a narrower hip/thigh so again, aim for either of the belted styles as they’re adjustable to fit YOU

If You’re An Athletic Body Type:

Go for the feminine style of number 4

If You Have Long Arms:

Go for style 5 which has longer sleeves

If You Have A Slim Waist or WANT To Have A Slim Waist:

Choose the belted options and *cinch*

If You’re Pregnant:

Choose the adjustable belted styles or style 1 which is less fitted through the body

If You Have A Fuller Bust OR Flatter Chest:

ALL of them work because of the deep V created by the collar & rever!!

Other Reasons These Coats Are My Top 5 Fashion Styles

  • Despite being longer length and smarter in style, they remain versatile for different lifestyles, pair with casual or smart jeans, dresses, as well as your business attire etc.
  • I’ve picked flattering shapes
  • They’re contemporary classics so as a wardrobe planner, I know I’ll be outfitting them beyond just one season!
  • They suit all ages
  • …and no boring black in sight!
  • Nowadays it doesn’t matter where them hem finishes so even if you’re a little taller or more petite, these will still look good because there’s variable fashion trends finishing at maxi, midi or midaxi length!!

The ‘old’ rules of finishing at the knee or ankle ONLY have LOOOONNNNGGGGGGG gone!!

If you feel like you need help understanding the best fashion styles for your body type then book in a PERSONAL ANALYSIS, or if you would benefit from a PERSONAL SHOPPER session, book in!


So now the cooler weather has finally arrived (with an arctic wind chill factor that’s more shocking than the latest election win) we’re heading in to winter, or as a personal stylist I like to call more accurately –


Whistles $290 – Country Road $80 – Cupcakes & Cashmere @Shopbop $142

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE skirts and wear them for as long as I possibly can because they’re comfortable, allow a little room for weight fluctuations etc. but the reality is that the colder weather generally sees most of my personal styling clients regularly reaching for trousers..and let’s face it, 80% of the time, those are jeans.

So what does that mean when it comes to ‘outfitting’?

Tops For Jeans……and Forever

It means we wear more ‘tops’, so here’s my PERSONAL SHOPPER pick of the best high-street & haute-street ‘tops’ that work with pants that you can wear now, and for seasons to come – as you know, I’m not a ‘buy-it and bin-it’ kinda stylist. For that reason, these tops only made the cut if their fashion style is:

  • Contemporary, not too ‘fashun-ey’
  • Easy wear
  • Comfortable fabric, none are more than 15% polyester and most are natural fibers
  • Versatile so you can wear across different lifestyles ie. casual, work etc..
  • Autumn-winter appropriate so they will all have longer sleeves
  • Also work paired with shorts in summer (and most can be tucked in to skirts too!)

Functionality Friendly Fashion Trends

Statement sleeves are a huge fashion trend but from a practical point of view (and you know I’m a functional fashion stylist), this can limit layering, so I’ve picked wider sleeves in the most lightweight of fabrics. You’re welcome.

These Tops Offer An Instant Wardrobe Makeover Sydney!

I want these tops to work really hard for you and what I mean by that is that they need to be no-brainer-impact-making-pieces as;

I’m all about making maximum impact for minimal input!

I want them to give your jeans a style makeover so you feel like you have whole new outfit when in fact, you’ve only spent money on one top.


Talking of price, all these styles cost between $40-$260 with most under $180, but remember if you sign up to a new website there’s often a 10-20% discount off your first purchase. I mean, you’d be silly not to take advantage of this . . . even if it means borrowing your partners persona to create a new customer if you’re an existing fan.

Why should your loyalty exclude you from a discount?

Now, I know ‘tops’ can be quite a loose term so let me get specific on what it’s NOT:
> These are not button down shirts
> These are not t-shirts

So generally going in to winter, the shops are full of knitwear which mean woven ‘tops’ kinda take a back seat. Let’s face it, tops are MUCH easier to buy during warmer months but I like a challenge so I’m bringing you ‘winter woven tops’ some of which rock some serious French girl vibes!!

Blouses are back!

Talking of fabrics, have you seen my mini-vid about the 2 main types of cloths? (please excuse the less than flattering thumbnail)

Will It Flatter MY Body Type?

I’ll also be telling you how they conceal or enhance our different female body types, as over the next few months I’m going to be talking all things ‘body shape’ and this little blog combines both subjects rather nicely!

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

As an image consultant, I get asked this question a lot, but first of all you need to identify “what is my body shape?”

Click through to my BODY TYPES page which offers an overview of how our different types of shapes can be categorised, in order to offer guidelines around what flatters you the most.

For those of you who need further personalised insight, book in for a PERSONAL ANALYSIS where I’ll teach you what clothes styles to maximise and which to minimise – that’s when many clients have an ‘AH-HA’ moment realising WHY that’s the case!

My Top 10 Fashion Styles To Have In Your Wardrobe Sydney!

Click the link on the name of the top for more details or to make a purchase.

personal shopper sydney


Embroidered Metallic Top

$80 (on sale)

Fantastic value for a start! Metal yarn adds a more glam dimension on a berry shade that flatters most skin types

Conceals: tummy, pregnancy bump, love handles

Enhances: smaller busts. Great for apple shapes

personal shopper sydney


Shirred Top

$192 (on sale)

This one could see you through pregnancy and beyond! Maternity wear can be purchased from main line fashion brands

Conceals: tummy, pregnancy bump, love handles

Enhances: bust, hi-waist. The rows of shirring elastic can add support to your bust

personal shopper sydney


Katalina Blouse


I love how this style isn’t too high up the neck so it’s easier to wear. The fine lace means it’s not too see-through to wear only a bra underneath. The black tipping makes pairing back with black jeans a no-brainer!

Conceals: tummy

Enhances: smaller busts & narrow or sloping shoulder. Great for pear shape figures

personal shopper sydney


Florist Shirt

$180 (on sale)

Boho at it’s best! The open neckline keeps this a bit sexy and the adjustable drawstring waist fits many different female body type

Conceals: straighter torso or a small tummy. Longer arms

Enhances: décolletage & hips

personal shopper sydney


Claudia Embroidered Blouse


Bright embroidery on a navy base means you can pair it with lots of different colours. Navy flatters more people than black

Conceals: Large bust

Enhances: torso length because of the button placket & also facilitates breast feeding

personal shopper sydney


Daisy Print Top


Particularly gorgeous paired with white. Classic shape & pattern that will never really date!

Conceals: fuller or small bust, a tummy

Enhances: décolletage, slim arms

personal shopper sydney


Sweetheart Neck Top


If you prefer plainer fabric over patterns, this one is for you! Elasticated shoulders for maximum comfort, ..and those earrings

Conceals: narrow or sloping shoulder

Enhances: small bust & the button placket also facilitates breast feeding

personal shopper sydney


Embroidered Ruffle Top


An unusual and impactful shade of yellow. The neckline protects the chest from harmful UV with a sheer sleeve so you don’t feel too ‘covered’

Conceals: lack of waist, good for apple shapes

Enhances: narrow shoulders. Works well on pear shapes as the frill balances the lower body

personal shopper sydney


Check Button Front Top


A classic pattern for those of you who prefer something more conservative which makes it great for work too!

Conceals: hips

Enhances: waist & the button placket also facilitates breast feeding

10/. BODEN

Rosamund Wrap Top


Wrap tops create adjustable sizing which allow for weight fluctuations, just layer a tonal cami under if you need to cover a cleavage.

Conceals: wraps work in 2 ways, to conceal a more boyish torso AND flatters hourglass curves

Enhances: Bust, waist & hips

So, will any of these fantastic fashion styles end up in your wardrobes Sydney?

Sustainable Fashion Stylist

As a mindful personal stylist, I’m always considering how to transform your clothes as it creates a more sustainable approach to textiles and consumption.


If in a couple of years you decide you want to wear it more frequently during summer (and why wouldn’t you when they’re mostly all made from natural or breathable fibers), then why not remove or reduce the sleeve length? Alterations offer an instant style makeover!!



April 22nd-28th 2019 has been Fashion Revolution Week so on my insta @style.sense I’ve been touching on more sustainable approaches to your wardrobes, Sydney!!! However, this subject, which is VERY close to my heart, also needs a broader platform for further discussion, so here goes….

The Fashion Revolution believes ‘in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.’

They are people from all around the world who make the fashion industry work, the people who wear clothes and the people who make them and I include myself in that group. Having designed women’s clothes for international brands for 15 years means that I’ve helped shape the global fashion industry.

Personal Stylist In Sydney

Today as a personal stylist, I work closely with clients on how to dress well, coaching them on better buying habits, wardrobe makeovers and the clothes styles that represent value. This means I have a duty to them, but also to the environment.


Sustainable Fashion Triangle

Many moons ago I came across this simple triangle which outlined 5 ways to create a more ethical wardrobe by @anuschkarees the fantastic author of The Curated Closet which is the perfect way to illustrate my points.

So the obvious way to become more environmentally sustainable is to start shopping from sustainable brands as outlined at the top of this triangle, point 5, but there’s loads of other ways to start your own little fashion revolution, have you considered these fashion tips…?

1. Value and take care of the clothes you already own

This area offers the most diverse opportunities to prolong the life of your clothes.

/. Repairing = Makeover


It’s all too easy to consider throwing things away when they start to become a bit worn out, but a lot of times we can repair and re-wear!

Repairing means you give a style make over to your clothes and accessories, extending their life and avoids buying a new version, which in my personal shopper experience, can often mean 2 or 3 purchases until you eventually find the ideal replacement!!

It also means the memories the piece has collected remain as well as keeping handcraft skills alive which is another vital component of the fashion revolution. I know my local cobbler is a frickin magician and let’s face it, shoes are THE most difficult – and irritating – item to replace, I’m still trying to update a Wittner sandal from 2006!!!????!!!

I also get a real kick when my daughter makes a whole in her pants and doesn’t want to throw them away, but instead asks “mummy, can you sew them up?”


//. Changing Body Types

As we grow older, our body types change which means we can’t always continue to wear our clothes as we would like, so I offer fashion tips on how to make your clothes fit you through making small adjustments, some of which don’t even need sewing! This can help you extend the life cycle of your clothes, particularly helpful for those who’s weight fluctuates as it eliminates the need for 2 different sized wardrobes!!

Here’s a couple of helpful mini-vid’s and check out my instastories for more help on how to flatter different female body types.

///. Be Your Own Fashion Stylist

Rather than habitually buying a new outfit for an occasion, shop in your own wardrobe and create a new outfit from your current belongings. Trust me, there’s at least 50 outfits you’ve never worn before (based on my personal stylist experience) in the average wardrobe, so experiment! If this is what you struggle with then book in for a WARDROBE MAKEOVER today!

////. Style Makeover

Customising or altering clothes is an approach I also champion! Small changes can reinvigorate even your most tired of clothes, see how I give my own second hand skirt a style makeover below or on my instagram @style.sense and instastories

Make more, from less!

/////. Swap, Rent, Sell or Borrow

personal stylist sydney
Her Wardrobe Outfit Hire

Another way to be your own fashion stylist is to borrow or swap an item with a friend, you know… that friend who’s been eyeing up that fancy frock of yours?? Lend it to her and borrow something in return? If you’re different sizes then try accessories? Voilà, instant newness at no cost to you or the environment!

During my personal styling sessions, I always advise my clients to sell unwanted pieces that are in good condition and recycle the money. Alternatively, your clothes can create revenue through renting them out? I wrote a blog about 18 months ago suggesting people rent outfits for upcoming occasions which details companies to use, read it here

//////. Decrease Dry Cleaning

I posted a mini-vid on my instastories about dry cleaning and how bad it is for our clothing AND our pocket! It also touches on the best hangers to use, see below:

///////. Stains Ain’t Stylish

The quicker you treat a stain, the quicker it will disappear.

In short, if you look after your clothes, your clothes will look after you!

2. Shop Less, Choose Better, Only Buy Pieces You Love

Changing buying habits makes the biggest environmental impact as we try to slow down the fashion industry.

We all have the power to make a positive change through reducing how much we consume but humans are creatures of habit, so frivolous consumption is a bad habit we need to kick!

Be Your Own Personal Shopper

Sustainable fashion

So when you’re at the purchasing decision stage, please ask yourself if you’re buying that $20 skirt because it’s a ‘bargain’ when you know you won’t really wear it, or do you really need that top in 3 colors or would just 2 colours satisfy you better? Yes it’s a lovely top, but in my personal shopper experience, the third colour will be the one that still has tags on when I come round. ;-0

I have many clients who buy, buy buy, hoping that one of the items will be the one that brings them joy, where as if they evaluated their wardrobe first understood their needs and created a list, shopping would be much more satisfying. I create a personalised shopping list for each client during my personal styling services so if this would be a game changer for you, call me to book in for a PERSONAL SHOP so we can create yours.

I find it interesting that we wouldn’t pay iTunes for mediocre music to add to our playlist, but yet for some reason we pay to add mediocre things to our wardrobe?

3. Go For Clothes That Are High Quality

As a wardrobe planner I always advise clients to plan their wardrobe beyond one, two, or even three seasons. Honestly identify what you wear on repeat and buy a couple of different versions for various occasions & seasons. Easy!

Clothes style

Approximately half of all my clients say they’re at a point where they want to ‘buy less and choose well’, but not all of them have the finances to buy from designer or the haute-street (high end high street) which is where we think we need to purchase investment pieces from.


Some of my hardest working clothes over the last 15 years have been purchased from ‘fast fashion’ brands! You just have to know what you’re looking for.

Not All ‘Fast Fashion’ Is Bad Fashion

In my experience, my expensive items can have just as many faults as my cheaper pieces. My Catherine Malendrino coat constantly had buttons falling off, the metal strap of my Jimmy Choo bag broke after 2 months and the lining of my Camilla & Marc jacket split at the seams.

The problem is, you part with so much more money for designer so your expectation is so much higher!

Fashion Designer Tips


When I designed in the UK, many of my overseas factories I used at a ‘fast fashion’ level were highly skilled and my fabric quality was surprisingly good, purely due to economies of scale – fashion brands were buying so many pieces, sometimes 50,000 items, that they could afford a beautiful wool melton that actually contained…lots of wool!

Compare that to Australia and a healthy order for a lot of brands is around 5-10,000, hence why the fabric quality – which is the main cost of any garment – had to contain less wool. So for me there’s a difference between UK ‘fast fashion’ brands and countries with smaller populations.

Fast Fashion

The main point for me is that if you purchase fast fashion, treat it with care still. Unfortunately the expectation is that you will discard of it after a year which is outdated and often unnecessary. If you value the item and take good care of it as if it was an investment purchase, it might last longer?

Blood Mountain Art Instillation By Suzie Blake

If you saw your wardrobe through the eyes of a child who has no concept of cost, then you would value most those pieces that simply made you happy!

We also need to be aware when buying fast fashion that it’s from sources that pay their factory workers a fair wage in a safe environment, so do your research. This is the other vital part of The Fashion Revolution.

Considered Consumption

So I’m not saying that buying cheaper clothes is good or bad, price is actually irrelevant as long as you wear them and enjoy them through their full life cycle and if a button does fall off, then recognize that sometimes that happens, regardless of the where or how it’s been made.

What I AM saying is that any frivolous consumption of clothes bought from any market level is something we need to reduce

So I agree that we should ‘Go For Clothes That Are High Quality’ but that we need to add ‘the highest quality you can afford’ and understand that just because it’s less expensive, does not mean it’s any less valuable to our wardrobe. Some of my clients swear by Target jeans which have been washed and worn weekly for half a decade and they’re still fitting well!! They are valuable to that client.

I have to add a disclaimer here that generally designer pieces ARE made better from higher quality materials with superior garment construction, the debate often happens more between high-street and haute-street.

personal shopper

What To look For When Buying Investment Pieces (from any market level):

  • Fabric – does it crush or pill easily? Is it an open weave, ie. will it catch and pull easily making it look tatty after just a few wears? It needs to be robust to withstand daily/weekly life
  • Seams – pull the garment at the seams to check firm construction, same with buttons, zips, metal details etc
  • Fashion Style – is it a trend led piece that will date or will you love the design details way beyond next season?
  • Does It Fit Your Body Type – if it’s a snug fit then chances are it won’t be flexible enough to see you through the next decade
  • Does It Fit Your Lifestyle – it’s all too easy to wish we had chauffeur driven lifestyle but be brutally honest about YOUR lifestyle needs and plan your wardrobe accordingly
  • Laundering – if it’s a piece you plan to wear weekly, can you wash it in the machine?
  • Colour – does the colour flatter your features or is it a classic shade that will still look modern in years to come? Is the colour versatile enough to work with the rest of your wardrobe?
  • Versatility – talking of versatile, can it be worn with different shoes, jackets AND cardigans, skirts AND pants etc? Experiment whilst you’re IN the shop
Finery Campaign

Forever Pieces

For a few years now, certain brands have been marketing certain pieces from their collection as ‘forever pieces’ and I LOVE this. Not only does it make you think differently about the item but we can expect the design to be superior as it’s more considered, made from a fabric that is easy care, easy wear.

Knowing Your Fabrics

Textile advances made from cellulose found in wood pulp harvested from tree farms, create more environmentally sustainable fabrics such as rayon, modal and lyocell. This results in super soft, breathable fabrics that need less dye than cotton…. and they’re increasingly taking over my wardrobe!! If you haven’t seen them, check out garment care labels when you’re next at the shops

4. Buy Vintage When Possible

And I think we need to add ‘secondhand’ here too as not everything pre-owned will technically be ‘vintage’.

Purchasing from opshops not only gives a new lease of life to a piece that might otherwise end up in landfill, but simultaneously giving to charity. Win-win guilt free kinda shopping.

My stylist tips – head for the leather, denim and belts !!

Stylist Finds

Above are my secondhand items which make up about 1/4 of my entire wardrobe. Granted I have been collecting these since I was a teenager which was when I started my opshop ‘addiction’.

The fact that I could pick up a completely unique new frock, or leather skirt that would generally retail for 8 times the price of my local charity shop gave me such a thrill…a thrill that continues to this day! It gives me a real kick when I receive compliments on an item I thrifted for $10!!

What’s the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?”

Op-shops are perfect for people on a tighter budget or who want something unique.

#chooseused @thevintagemerchant

We should also mention giving your unwanted items to charity, a textile bin – found in H&M and Zara – or give to a friend who you think would enjoy wearing it?!

This stat below from Timeout for Fast Fashion Greenpeace shocked me by how easily we could reduce emissions, just by doubling the life cycle of a garment from one year to two!

Maybe we should start to think of our clothes as having 2 lives, how are you going to reincarnate yours? Remember, it could even be a patchwork quilt or cushion cover?


Who Made My Clothes?

Another aspect of Fashion Revolution Week is asking ‘who made my clothes’.

Life Changing Fashion

When I lived in the UK and designed clothes for Marks & Spencer, we were such a hugely successful international brand that we used to generate enough sewing for factories to be expanded which created a need for fresh running water and a newly built school and hospital. It was incredible, to think that my designs were supporting small villages!?!

This was the opposite to some of the fast fashion networks I had previously worked in.

This was life changing fashion.


So in summary, we need to be accountable for how many textiles we consume (regardless of how much cash we pay for them) in exactly the same way we’re accountable for the amount of food we consume. We only need a certain amount and it’s nice to indulge occasionally but fundamentally we don’t need cupboards full of clothes we don’t enjoy.

That is NOT a functional wardrobe.

If you would like a wardrobe makeover or need a personal shop with a sustainable approach then contact me to book in and lets each make a mini fashion revolution starting NOW!!


‘Versatility’ – A Personal Stylist’s Middle Name

Well, not literally, but I have considered it (granted, it was after a few wines).

When you buy a patterned dress, you might be mistaken for thinking it hasn’t many styling options, which might be the very reason you decide to buy it – because it doesn’t need anything to look impactful!

But that doesn’t mean it’s not versatile…

A Summer Fashion Style We Can Wear All Year Round

As a personal stylist, I know that a patterned dresses can be just as versatile as a plain dress, see case-in-point, my Cleopatra dress $99 from Zara. I’ve created 18 different ways to wear it that see me through all 4 seasons. Just because I bought it in summer and it’s lightweight, doesn’t mean I can’t wear it through autumn, winter and back in to spring, I just need to learn how to play with it.

Personal Shopper Mindset

This is always the approach I have working as a personal shopper, “how can I play with garment to add value to it?” And this is exactly what my personal styling services are about, experimenting to reflect different clients personality styles!!

Fashion Stylist Secret

I’ll let you in to a little secret…I LOVE leopard print ( I think you might have gathered that by now if you follow me regularly. For me it’s not about a fashion trends, but the perfect pattern that straddles ‘classic, edgy, rebellious and safe’,

You could say its the perfect paradox print!!

What ever my mood, like chocolate, leopard will always feel right! But that doesn’t mean I’m going to buy a different leopard print frock for winter, or a leopard skirt because I have all those things in my wardrobe already…

See what I mean?

9 Practical Reasons Why This Dress Is SO Versatile

I understand that you might not want to style your version of this frock in all 18 different ways, but my point is exaggerated to inspire you so you’ll be encouraged to try maybe 4 or 5 of them? It enables you to experiment with your personal style.

So let’s down to the 8 nitty gritty details that mean the difference between a good purchase and a GREAT purchase so you know what to look out for when shopping:

Personal Stylist Tip 1: THROW ON

BONUS: You can literally ‘throw on’ this dress – perfect for busy mums!

REASON: Yes it has a zip but no I don’t use it, I can throw it on over my head for school pick-up in under 1.5 seconds.

My Mummy Makeover Service

Read more about my practical yet stylish service for mums trying to spin more plates than they have hands! Read my MUMMY MAKEOVER SERVICE



BONUS: This clothes style flatters many different body types. I’ve had many clients who have purchased this dress who have very different female body types (some of them pregnant) and live all over the world.

REASON: It’s an easy-fit dress shape for most types of body shapes that can use the zip function if necessarily. The dress silhouette has a feminine shape without being too form fitting. Most clients prefer a little arm coverage and the length also works for petites or tall body types, as well as for lots of different occasions!

SIDE NOTE: Look, the armhole is a little low, as is the neckline so I’m not claiming it’s a ‘perfect’ fitting garment.


Personal Stylist Tip 3: WEAR FOR ‘WORK, REST or PLAY’

(…remember that old tv advert for Mars bars?)

BONUS: You can see how versatile it’s end use is, from the 18/19 ways I’ve styled this little frock!! It can be re-styled for:

  • play-date
  • date-night
  • girls-night-out
  • out-and-about
  • out-of-the-office
  • in-the-office
  • office-occasion
  • special-occasion

And this is EXACTLY the kind of flexibility we should have from our wardrobes Sydney! It fits all dimensions of our personality styles.

Perfect business attire for women who are working in a semi-corporate workplace who don’t require corporate clothing, this dress is perfect!

REASON: It’s a sophisticated, classic print in a versatile fabric, in an easy-fit dress shape as well as the fact it can be dressed up and down because….



BONUS: This leopard works with black AND brown accessories. Therefore, it’s double as versatile!! Tan accessories tend to look more casual compared to the formality of black accessories so it’s awesome that both shades work – in fact neutral, brown and tan all blend well.

REASON: The leopard print has 3 shades in the print giving it more versatility than 2


Personal Stylist Tip 5: SHAPE SHIFTER

BONUS: You can change the silhouette of the dress

REASON: The lightweight cloth means this fashion style can be easily manipulated with a nip, tuck, knot or belt. If the sun makes an appearance, you can transform this maxi in to a midi (or a midaxi) without the simple shuffle of a hemline.


Personal Stylist Tip 6: SKIRTING THE ISSUE

BONUS: This clothes style can be worn as a skirt

REASON: The low neckline and short sleeve means a t-shirt can be effortlessly layered over with a little knot at the hem to create some waist definition, as if it was a skirt. Alternatively, throw on a knit and let it all hang lose? It’s double agent identity is literally saving you money!

SIDE NOTE: Your T-shirt can’t be white as the print will show through


Personal Stylist Tip 7: LAYERS UP

BONUS: This dress can also have layers worn underneath

REASON: Because it’s there’s a lot of fabric & because it’s got black in the print, it balances a black fitted under layer for a winter outfit. Black opaques tights work equally as well to add warmth to the legs.


Personal Stylist Tip 8: CAMOUFLAGES STAINS

BONUS: Hides stains – perfect for busy mums!

REASON: It’s printed using a smaller scale print, with no white or large plain patches for stains to be seen. Guaranteed you’ll actually forget how long ago you washed it!?! It’s like city camo, or should that read ‘jungle camo’ as technically it’s inspired by a leopard?


Personal Stylist Tip 9: AN IRON FREE ZONE

personal stylist sydney

BONUS: A dress that doesn’t need ironing

REASON: The drapey fabric is soft enough that creases fall out when hung after laundering, plus the camouflage effect of the pattern as mentioned above helps too! RESULT!!


Personal Stylist Tip 10: DOUBLES AS A HAMMOCK

Ok, so now i’m pushing it….

Fashion Stylist Philosophy

So I hope I’ve illustrated how a well chosen print dress can give you an incredible range of looks, what ever the season. It’s all about understanding the features you’re looking for. The more of these features from my list above, the more reason to buy it!

Why buy 5 dresses when you can buy just 1 and restyle it 5 ways?

Save your money for something completely different to add to your wardrobe or put towards saving for a ‘big’ purchase you’ve had your eye on?

Prefer to shop with me? Then contact me today to book in!

Adding Value To Your Wardrobes Sydney!

This mighty leopard number is still sold in Zara, last seen prowling the isles at Bondi Junction a few weeks ago, click here for other similar Zara versions as well as from other brands below (click on brand name to shop):



business attire for women

Despite being a (very) small business I try to do my bit for charity.

You might remember me mentioning at the end of last year how I had offered a FULL MAKEOVER to one lucky winner at the gala dinner raising money for Habitat For Humanity?

The gorgeous well deserving winner was Cassie, 33 who works full-time as a consultant and needed help developing her corporate clothing.

Business Attire For Women

Like most clients who work in a male dominated conservative business, office wear for women is predominately black, so Cassie wanted help with things like:

  • What clothes suited her features & body type?
  • How to introduce other colours in to her corporate clothing?
  • How to dress her favorite black pencil skirts to freshen them up?
  • What else qualifies as ‘corporate dress’?
  • Help to generate more outfits from her current purchases
  • To sharpen her personal branding

So for all of you who have ever asked yourself ‘WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO WORK?’ and feel you need a little business wear inspiration, read on…


Understanding what types of color suits you is THE most transformative thing you can learn about yourself!!!

Flattering colour is the foundation of dressing well.

colour consultant

As Cassie’s personal colour consultant in Sydney, it’s not about telling her that pink or green ‘is her colour’ but more about teaching Cassie the TYPE of pinks and greens that flatter her so she can shop smarter using her fantastic little color wallet containing the only colours she’ll ever need …including for hair & make-up!

Once you understand what types of colours suit you, you can feel confident in your choices and never have to make a fashion faux-pas again!

Colour Consultant Sydney

Because I’m a colour consultant in Sydney local to Cassie, I could conduct an in depth colour analysis, rather than offering her general online advice.

Cassie is a SOFT AUTUMN = medium level shades with soft muted finish, subtle warm golden undertones

Cassie has very soft, delicate features, therefore black really overwhelms her. In the workplace we don’t want to look overpowered, it’s the one environment we need to look on our game, fresh faced and ready for action!

You’ve probably heard me speak before on how black & white are actually quite harsh for most people from a colour analysis perspective (Not read my article for Mama Tribe? Click here to learn about ‘The Most Flattering Colours In The World), so it was vital I showed Cassie other hues that will compliment her AND her office wear.

DARKER COLOURS : UNFLATTERING – brings out a pink, almost blotchy skin tone

DARKER COLOURS : FLATTERING – richness evens out Cassie’s skin tone and stops her looking overwhelmed

COOL V WARM : UNFLATTERING – too much blue in the colour is too cool and dulls Cassie’s complexion, and hair

COOL V WARM : FLATTERING – the golden undertones enrich her skin and hair, and look at the sparkle in her eye!

And this one is really subtle…

GREENS : UNFLATTERING – although Cassie has a soft look, shades that are too soft and pale actually wash her out, you look straight at the green drape, not at her eyes

GREENS : FLATTERING – just a tone darker and her eyes are brighter and her skin tone is richer, although it’s subtle, she is much better balanced here


Some of Cassie’s patterns were too bold and also need softness to them so I showed her what this looked like so she could make better buying decisions that would mix & match better together, therefore extending her outfit choices.

Body Types

Now, as you can see, Cassie has a FANTASTIC figure so we didn’t need to spend much time discussing body types because most clothes styles will flatter her, instead we spent the time talking through her personal style and what she felt most comfortable wearing.

I did however, share lots of style tips that I’ve learnt over my 18 years in the fashion industry on how to flatter different female body types.

Fashion Tip 2 – PERSONAL STYLE

Cassie enjoys wearing black pencils skirts to work,

  • She looks amazing in them
  • They outfit easily
  • They’re an important part of her personal brand

However, she had her favorite 2 versions but as these started to wear out she started to shop for their replacements but couldn’t quite find the perfect fit…

How To Get The Perfect Fit

As a Sydney personal stylist I hate to break it to my clients but it’s unrealistic to expect everything on the high street to fit us perfectly, it’s just never going to happen (well, hopefully in the future it will but not inside the next 10 years) so for now we might need to occasionally use the services of a tailor.

FASHION TIPS: because each different high street brand uses a different fit model (the women they fit all their clothes to before they get put in to production) with a slightly different physique, certain brands will fit your body type better than other

Changing Buying Habits

On the quest for the perfect fit

When we had a look through Cassie’s wardrobe and delved right to the back of it, (you know, those hard to reach places you only visit when you’ve lost something), we realized she had actually purchased several of the same pencil shape style in her quest for the perfect fit.

If we don’t look in side our wardrobes, we forget what’s there. We all do it, even me!

As a fashion stylist, I have a saying:

‘shop inside your own wardrobe’

What happens when we don’t is that we tend to duplicate similar product because we’re creates of habit, we’re serial repeat purchasers and we like what we know!!


I bang on a bit about how white clothes (or cream for most people) transform outfits – it gives you an instant wardrobe makeover!!

Cassie had this cream jacket in her closet that she had worn once for a wedding, and like most clients, hadn’t given it much thought since, until I showed up that is…

ALL these tops work layered under Cassie’s jacket

This humble cream jacket – which is a wardrobe stylist’s dream find btw = a flattering cut, versatile shape and fantastic purchase – gives Cassie’s work wear a complete make over!

It brightens her winter wardrobe for spring & summer whilst retaining a sharp, professional image. It works with ALL these tops AND her favorite pencil skirts AND dresses!

As Cassie’s wardrobe planner I would have requested she purchase a similar garment yet she already had it hanging in her closet! Have you got similar hanging in your wardrobes Sydney?!?

Jacket Style & Shape

Just because my client bought this jacket for a wedding, doesn’t mean she can’t cross-pollinate it to another lifestyle area.

Look, if this jacket has a shine to the fabric or a frill on it, it wouldn’t be appropriate for Cassie’s office, but because its sharp and slick, it’s amazing how ‘non-wedding-y’ (a word yet to be found in the English dictionary) it looks when you take it out of context and pair it back with corporate clothing!

It’s doubled her office Outfit Choices without spending a single dollar!!

Cassie’s cream jacket even works over her dresses!

Now, we have TRIPLED her outfit choices without spending a single dollar!!

Fashion Tip 4 – NON-SUIT-SUITS

I know that might sound a bit bazaar but trust me, it’s a ‘thing’.

I’ve designed non-suit-suits for years, ever since the demise of the corporate suit which loosened what qualified as ‘office appropriate attire’.

They’re stand alone jackets and skirt/pants that can be worn separately and together, but don’t match exactly like a conventional ‘suit’ does. They’re bloody brilliant! They’re less stuffy and corporate than traditional suiting and creates a much more flexible wardrobe.

Enter My Personal Styling Services!

Even if the pieces are not designed to be worn like this, my personal styling services means I can create them for you!

Cassie’s non-suit-suit version was from 2 different brands bought months apart but I outfitted them to look impactful when worn together and still feel corporate enough for her conservative environment. She had never considered pairing them together before but loves the look!

This has created a new ‘suit’ for Cassie she can effortlessly pair with different coloured tops underneath to wear through Autumn, Winter & Spring without spending a cent on more clothes!

See another example of a ‘non-suit-suit’ later in this article…


Cassie hates shopping so my main objective during our personal shopper session was to make this experience positive and effortless to demonstrate how having a focus changes everything. I wanted to show Cassie:

  • How to combine colour
  • How to create outfits without any black
  • What products would be versatile assets in her wardrobe
  • How to avoid style duplication

How To Wear Colour

As a personal stylist, I totally understand most clients reliance on black and monochrome looks for their office wardrobe, but I wanted to show Cassie how to pair other shades together to create an equally professional image, and how those colours could be in tailored separates rather than just ‘a top’.

The majority of my image consultant clients want to wear different colours, but they don’t know what that looks like, until they’re shown. It’s very easy to imagine that wearing more colour will end up looking like a box of crayola!!!

So this is step one and then I would work with Cassie again a few months later to introduce more shades in to her evolving wardrobe. Some clients need small steps, others are ready to transform overnight!

Personal Branding

By constantly wearing black, aside from the detrimental effects to our skin as discussed earlier, we tend to fade in to the background not getting noticed. Black can fade easily, be tricky to pair dresses/bottoms + jackets if the shade doesn’t match exactly and contrary to popular belief, black does show stains.

Business attire for women can be so much more exciting!!!! And in turn, you can elevate your personal branding, getting you noticed for the right reasons.

This is a smart, chic corporate clothing in two of Cassie’s very best shades, navy + raspberry.

These hues flatter her skin tone, don’t overpower her like black does and adds something completely new that can mix & match back with Cassie’s current wardrobe.

Pair with a navy or nude shoe and wear with and without the jacket.

This outfit is from Saba which is where Cassie shopped, but like so many of us, she would habitually head for the black corporate dress.

Cassie was shopping from the right brands but buying product that didn’t flatter her as much as they could


Us females are fortunate we can wear such a range of clothing for the office so have you considered semi-tailored business wear?

This is a different type of ‘non-suit-suit’. It’s a fantastic semi-tailored outfit in a heavy knit that can be worn together to look like a dress, and split up and worn separately so you get triple the outfits….

or, 3 outfits for the price of one!!

And here’s a few ways I would outfit these separates to create 7 outfits in total from the above 2 ‘suits’ without any black, only using shades from Cassie’s most flattering palette!

Bags : Coach Shoes : Wittner

Cassie’s Testimonial

Kim is extremely knowledgeable with an enthusiastic high energy approach. She provided great outfit co-ordination and accessorizing options from my existing wardrobe.

Despite my strong dislike of shopping, Kim made it a fun and productive experience that was individually tailored.

I would DEFINITELY recommend Kim!!


Read other client testimonials here or contact me here to book in your makeover and let’s improve your personal branding today!


I thoroughly enjoyed completing my first 10x10challenge back in January more than I expected, so I’ve decided to do another…

So welcome to my February 10×10! (in March). February always gets me like that, ending so abruptly!

Anyhoo, for this wardrobe outfitting challenge I chose a feminine palette of apricot and blue – who knew they worked together? I threw in a couple of patterns and a couple of items with a back story (you know how I love a back story) and voilà, my second capsule wardrobe was born! Happy birthday!!! Ha.

Wardrobe Planner Ratio

Ratio is key!! My ratio of tops to bottoms was 5:3 respectively and because I had planned my outfits, I knew I could wear ALL 5 tops with ALL 3 bottoms creating 15 outfits no problem. This was largely because I had stuck to a colour palette, although the palette was a little more unexpected than your typical capsule wardrobe which kept it exciting and a little more experimental.

However, not everything has to work together so don’t let this hold you back, you only need to generate 10 outfits, or even 9 is still great!

Clothes Style for The Real World

But then the Sydney weather kicked in…

It rained. The sun came out.

It rained. The sun came out.

It dropped 5 degrees and got windy and continued in this manner for days which meant I didn’t wear my silk camisole so my capsule reduced from 10 to 9.

This forced me to layer up my remaining tops, suddenly I had to wear a shirt as a jacket!

Why Outfit My Wardrobe?

And this is the whole point of the 10×10 outfit challenge. It doesn’t really matter – well not to me – if you don’t quite create 10 outfits, the whole concept is to stop thinking ‘items’ and start thinking outfits’ so you :

  • Encourage you to mix and match items you’ve never paired together
  • Experiment with mixing color, patterns or textures
  • Increase your outfit choices
  • Make your wardrobe work harder, reducing your cost-per-wear
  • Expand how many ways you wear an item
  • Breath new life in to a piece because of the way you’ve paired it
  • Bring you more satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Gives you a greater understanding of WHY you wear what you wear

And that’s exactly what fashion should be all about, satisfaction & enjoyment!!

Find Your Style

The other vital factor to this concept is how it makes you accountable for the AMOUNT OF TIMES YOU WEAR EACH ITEM OF CLOTHING.

This also helps you realise what you’re NOT wearing and why which is so helpful when making purchasing decisions – helping you find your fashion style.

Fashion Stylist Shock

I work as a fashion stylist and I was even surprised I created so many outfits from my remaining 9 pieces! I managed 18 different looks!! YES! 18!! It was like buying an album and discovering 8 bonus tracks!! ha.


What actually shocked me was that my 2 favorite outfits created were BRAND NEW TO ME!!

I’d never thought of putting these tops & bottoms together and that’s because they had been bought over a period of 20 years! I hadn’t joined the dots!

It was only due to the 10×10 challenge that made me try them as an outfit and they are 2 of my all time favorite outfits I can’t wait to wear!!

Staying True To My Personal Style

A key factor for converting so many ITEMS-TO-OUTFITS was due to staying try to my personal style. Because they have a similar look and feel to them, they’re easier to combine!

And just a side note – have you noticed that neither of my 10×10 capsule collections contain a black piece of clothing or accessory!?!

Teaching clients how to combine colours other than black is a vital part of my personal styling service

Wardrobe Makeover DIY Style

Now, as I’ve mentioned, colour is a key factor when curating a mini-wardrobe but this is something you can influence. My pale denim skirt didn’t start out life as a pale denim skirt, I gave it a bit of a 2-stage wardrobe makeover:

  1. Bleaching it
  2. Transforming jeans into a skirt

Have you ever thought about giving your denim a makeover? Here’s a few fashion tips on how:


I work as a personal stylist so it’s my job to think outside the box so I decided to see what happens when I gave my top a fashion makeover and turned it in to a scarf…and I loved the result!

My scarf-slash-top worn with jeans-slash-skirt

It’s silk so it’s comfortable for wearing around the neck and when I decide I don’t want ‘Metallica’ scrolled across my boobs, I can cover the graphic with a more feminine floral scarf-slash-top. Brilliant.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you have to magically turn clothes in to accessories but the point I want to illustrate is:


As long as you have chosen flattering, versatile items!

Hair Scarf Styled 3 Ways – & NONE Of Them Are In My Hair!

Talking of accessories, hair scarves are a key fashion trend but don’t restrict their use to just the hair. Ultimately it’s just a long piece of fabric so be playful with it’s uses.

Here’s my leopard print scarf worn 3 different ways…and none of them in my hair!

Just because you bought it as a hair scarf, doesn’t mean it can’t be a belt scarf, or a hat scarf?

If you have a similar scarf, then why not try and use it as a belt (I’m not too proud to admit I only managed to tie this round the smallest part of my waist on a ‘good’ day), tie to your bag to strengthen your outfit or update your hat with a new pattern?

Travel Capsule Conundrum?

This process is THE perfect way to create your own capsule next time you travel. You’ll feel more organised and less stressed as you’ll only be taking pieces you’re actually going to wear, knowing they mix & match.

It only takes a little bit of wardrobe planning!null

Fashion Tips On Planning Your Capsule Wardrobe

So for all of you out there wearing just 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time (I’m assuming you’ve read my home page?) I encourage you to take part in this 10×10 outfit challenge, or YOUR version of it which might mean 10×9 or 12×10 – some people have been working to a 15×15 clothing capsule and that’s cool too! (It looks great btw).

First time round, select your most versatile pieces within a similar color palette and if you create 10 outfits from them easily, then swap one out to something more unusual and see how this changes your outfit?

If you’re sick of getting stressed every morning before you’ve even left the house, planning a capsule wardrobe is something you should consider!

Give it a whirl!

Also read my article on my first 10×10 challenge which offers more practical fashion tips on how to curate your perfect capsule


If you’d still like some help on putting together YOUR capsule wardrobe then contact me for a chat about how I can help make your purchases work harder for you.

It’s All On My Instastories, So Why Aren’t You?

See all my videos over on my instastories by clicking through to Instagram here. There’s loads of fashion tips including how to help clothes fit to YOUR body shape and fashion trend insight!

Drum Roll Please!!

So here’s the first viewing of all 18 outfits I created during my challenge and close-ups of the bonus 5 that aren’t on my insta grid (there’s 12 on my grid and the other extra 1 is using my top as a scarf shown above) ….


You know the very best part of this process is that i’m SO excited to re-discover the rest of my wardrobe that I haven’t looked at for the best part of a fortnight…… [this next part is to be said in the accent of Carrie Bradshaw from SITC when she opens her wardrobe and squeels ‘hello lover!’]


Image from Pinterest

Here’s the first part of everything you need to know about wearing hats & sunglasses!!

Personal Styling Essentials

Working as a personal stylist in Sydney, I know how ESSENTIAL these 2 little accessories are. I’ll let you in to a secret, I only owned 2 pairs of sunnglasses and 1 baseball hat before moving to Sydney…yet I now own about 7 of each (read : 10)!!

I did start by writing ‘summer’ essentials but then I then I realized we wear our hats & sunnies all year round here in Australia so lets not box them in to one season.

Below shows how a baker boy hat works for summer AND winter:

Personal Style – Hats

The UV is so strong here all year round that I rarely go out without a hat, they really have become a part of my personal style but at first, I was a little unsure of how to wear hats as they felt like quite a statement and because they were an after thought – I was making a pretty rubbish statement!!

This was because I didn’t have the right headwear in my wardrobe and needed to invest a little time purchasing a few different styles to work with my different looks, fast forward almost a decade and I now consider a hat as an integral part of my clothes style.

Your Fashion Style

My personal styling services are about exploring YOUR fashion style. Some people are ‘hat people’ [enter Boy George, Beyonce & Samuel L. Jackson] and find it easy to experiment because this accessory is part of their iconic personal style, yet others (like moi) struggled initially and felt like fashion trends we ‘wearing me’, so here’s my fashion tips outlining how to buy hats:

Personal Shopper Tips

how to wear hats
Image from Pinterest

Wide Brims

As a Sydney stylist, I say the wider the better!! Hats need to offer a practical defense against harsh Australian UV. I know there are LOTS of other hat styles but being a practical stylist, my professional wardrobe advice is generally one with a wider brim.

Dense Material

No, not a fabric with a low IQ, I mean choosing a denser material so it’s an actual barrier not just diffusing sun rays, particularly important for summer hats made of straw or similar. Hat Guide UK, have a fantastic website that tells you, among other interesting information, all about the different types of materials hats are made from, some of them might surprise you!?!

More tightly woven fabric also helps retain the shape better and look for stiffened fabrics so the brim doesn’t sag after a few months, unless this is the look you want?

Talking of saggy brims…

Fashion Trends

Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards 2019

Wider brimmed hats look more contemporary and because they’re on-trend, there’s more choice of style, color and fabric, hurrah! Don’t think you have to go as far as J.Lo at the Grammy’s this year (see right), but in my opinion a Panama looks more modern than a fedora these days. Not sure what I’m talking about? Then have a look at this fantastic headwear directory from @akaitsume that breaks down the lingo:


Being a colour consultant, I know how incredible clients look when wearing shades that flatter their features and this is especially true when wearing hats as they sit right on top of our eyes, skin & hair! It’s also a giveaway when wearing a hat to realize that the ends of your hair have got so light, they no longer connect with your roots!! No? Maybe that’s just me.


The most flattering size of hat is dependent upon your body type as you want to echo the scale of your physique, so:

  • If you’re petite then stick with a petite hat such as a bucket, beret or visor
  • If you have a fuller figure or taller then you suit something larger scale, more of a statement like a boater, cowboy or large panama style


Most specialised hat brands will tell you to fit larger and pad it out, but I prefer mine to fit snug – not tight – as I want to be able to wear it in windy weather without the need for an embarrassing tie underneath!


In an ideal world, as a personal stylist I’d plan your wardrobe so you have:

Summer : straw hat x 2 – 1 x dark colour and 1 x lighter coloured

Winter : felt hat x 2 – 1 x dark colour and 1 x lighter coloured

This means that what ever your outfit, you’ll have a hat that works WITH your fashion style, which means you’ll be more confident about popping it on, reducing your cost-per-wear!

Below shows how a floppy hat style works for summer AND winter:

Traveling With Hats

For formal occasions you would be given a hat box with your purchase, but traveling with casual hats I ALWAYS wear mine, then pop it in the overhead locker after everyone else has sat down!! Wooo betide anyone who attempts to open the locker and dent my hat!

Three Bird Nest & Inspire Uplift offer genius baseball caps with higher holes!

What’s The Best Hat For My Face Shape?

Ok, so there’s SO many guides about what head wear suits your particular face shape, but this also means that firstly you need to KNOW your face shape!

Goorin Bros has a fantastic face & hat guide, one of which is below, click here for more of their shape guides also note the advantages of ‘the tilt’.

Hat Help!! My Personal Shopping Advice

So I’m here to break it down for you.

My personal shopper advice is to initially try a hat style that’s medium width and height and that’s a classic rather than a fashion trend, something like a Panama or cloche hat, see above directory (although the latter can look a little dated if it looks to ‘costume’).

It’s also got a good mix of roundness across the crown and angles to suit most face shapes.

Bingo! Your new hat! It looks good right?

No? Then contact me and let’s chat about taking you on a shopping session to find your style!

STYLE TIP – If you’re new to hat wearing and you don’t want it to stand out much, choose a hat that’s tonal to your hair colour to build your confidence.

Fashion Trends in Headwear

Nowadays there are SO many more fashion trends for head wear it’s not funny, the use of skinny scarves, turbans, head wraps, hair jewellery etc. all encourage us to experiment with our personal style by adding another element to our look we might not have considered a few seasons ago?

Have fun with it!

STYLE TIP – The only thing to avoid is it looking too ‘costume’ or ‘dress up’, try and stay authentic to your personality style.

Brands to try:

Cheap Thrill

Wallet Friendly

  • Lack Of Color –fantastic mid priced brand with a great range and edge
  • Johnny Was – local brand who you might stumble across at Sydney markets
  • Perez – specialised supplier of genuine Panama hats and handmade products from Ecuador, again found at Sydney markets

Savvy Splurge

  • Akubra – an iconic Aussie brand made right here in Oz for the serious hat wearers among us
  • Strand Hatters Sydney –stock hand-crafted head wear from around the world

Read part 2 here!

Found this helpful? Then let me know! x