Wrap dresses are brilliant, they:

how to dress wrap dresses
  • work on all ages & body shapes
  • adjustable for changing body types
  • timeless
  • flattering & feminine
  • look great with sleeves

However, as a personal stylist in Sydney, I see this fashion mistake being made all the time.

It’s not pretty, and there’s a better way.

Let me show you how to dress it…

What’s Your Fashion Style?

Do you layer under your wrap dress because you:

  • Want to cover your cleavage?
  • Find wrap dresses doesn’t fit well?
  • Simply need an extra layer of warmth?

Whatever your reason, here’s some fashion tips to help…

Give Your Wrap Dress A Modern Makeover!

The Fashion Problem

As an image consultant I frequently see people wearing a contrast camisole under their wrap dress which means the line of the dress is totally spoilt as that small triangle of fabric is the only thing we really notice about your fashion style!

The Fashion Solution


Why not give it a make over by layering a tonal or matching cami instead – matching the ground or main colour of the dress? (the colour you see when you squint)

There’s more of a colour flow so we notice how lovely you look in your overall clothes style.

Much more harmonious

Having a Wardrobe Stylist Peak! ?

I spend a lot of time looking through womens wardrobes and often find that clients already own a similar colour camisole because they like the colour of the dress and therefore buy it in several different clothes styles, so check your drawers & wardrobes Sydney!


STYLE TIP 2: Another option is layering a delicate and expensive looking SILK LEAVERS LACE BRALETTE if suitable for the situation, like this @Zara example

Again, can be tonal in shade and never has to match exactly because the lace is a different fabric to the dress so it will never match perfectly

Other brands offer similar in larger bra sizes

Avoid automatic pilot of layering black or white, instead experiment with tonal camis or lace trim bralettes which look much more sophisticated, flattering & modern.

An why not dress epic everyday?




Testing my personal shopper skills as an online shopper!


Fashion Stylist Or Fashion Designer?

Before I became a fashion stylist, I used to work as a fashion designer for ASOS.

They initially launched as ‘As Seen On Screen’ where they ‘reinterpreted’ the coveted fashion trends worn by the latest *it girls* but as they started to evolve in to the platform we now know, I designed eye catching fashion styles for savvy online shoppers …and I loved every minute!

However, I did order from 2 other high street fashion brands

Online Stylist

ASOS is progressive, offering a a plethora of online shopping options for your wardrobes, Sydney!:

  • Marketplace – international sellers of pre-loved fashion
  • Inclusive plus size fashion, petite, tall & maternity styles
  • Offers international designers to the Australian consumer
  • Face & Body – the latest beauty care

My Personal Styling Client Needs

I’m wanted to investigate a subdivision of ASOS that I think my personal styling clients would appreciate to see how it stacks up, ASOS EDITION.

When I’m hosting a personal shop, many clients are looking for pieces that cover their knees, arms and can be worn with flats and heels.. so that’s what I delivered!


PRO’S – stunning shade & flattering square neck

CON’S – wayyy too tight across bust, feels like the fit of this dress is more ‘youth’ than woman, probably because it’s in their main range

Great if you have a baby bump or post baby bump

The trapeze shape flares from fullest part of bust so you loose your under bust waist/empire line shaping



PRO’S – Comfortable shirred waist.

Fantastic colour & shape is flattering on all female body types. Lots of room for fuller busts and tummies (baby bumps) & hips

Fabric is more elevated than plain cotton so looks more expensive

Takes you seamlessly from day to night

CON’S – bit low cut but easy to tack the V neckline to raise it a little



PRO’S – unusual colour makes it look very ‘designer’ and fantastic value considering the amount of fabric used

The seaming and shaping/fit over bust & waist was excellent, and did I mention the colour?

CON’S – looked amazing on model but I felt a little bo-peep-slash-90’s-bridesmaid on me, although I liked it for a fun fashion look


4/ TOPSHOP @ASOS – £60

PRO’S – love this fun yet sophisticated floral mis-match, a fantastic interpretation of the designer trend

Wear for summer + sandals and the winter + boots & knitwear

Perfect day-to-night dress

Easy fit as it’s cut on the bias so natural stretch and comfort over the body, again, great for a baby/post baby bump

CON’S – slinky fabrics flatter most with big knickers or shape-wear underneath. I always advise against a firm fit Spanx but go instead with light/medium control knickers one size bigger


5/ ASOS EDITION – £100

PRO’S – fully lined, stretchy & comfy with timeless feminine & flattering seaming you’ll be wearing for years

Also comes in white. AMAZING. Kept it so you’ll be seeing on my insta grid!

CON’S – bit low cut but easy to tack the V neckline to raise it a little


Outcome Of My Online Personal Shop

So outcome is, ASOS itself offers a more ‘fast fashion’ product and generally my personal styling clients want something a little more ‘sophisticated’ or different and this is where ASOS EDITION kicks in which has some fantastic flattering pieces in superior design & fabrics.

Perfect when you want something elevated without the designer price tag, which in Australia is can easily mean forking out $400-$600 for a similar product!!

The online ordering process, communication & returns were the most simple of the 3 brands I ordered from, free of charge and paper free too!

Check out ASOS EDITION here !!

All dresses were on sale & size 8

Want To See An Epic Fail?

If you want to see some other styles I tried then click over to my facebook page to see a dress with a


to prove that sometimes it’s a badly designed dress, NOT YOUR BODY!

Want to understand more about female body types? Then click here

Also see my favorite ever $14 BARGAIN!


5 Fashion Tips To Make Tracksuits Stylish

Trackies have been the clothes we’ve been living our lockdown life in lately, haven’t they?

But now spring has arrived (cue happy dance!) let me show you how to elevate them from couch-to-city


Don’t Avoid Mirrors Anymore!

Tracksuits have been on trend for a few seasons but there’s a few fashion tips to help make them slicker so you enjoy seeing yourself in them for a few more seasons!

Lockdown Style

5 fashion tips in less than 5 minutes!



I had my personal shopper game face on, got all exited about my stylist find, introduced you to the most perfect multitasking cardigan…..

..and it sold out ??‍♀️

But don’t worry, I’ve FOUND MORE cozy cardigans that are IN STOCK and you can BUY WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOME!!

Missed my video? Listen to my fashion tips:

This video explains all features & benefits of this wfh style, why it sits in the middle of your wardrobe and how you can effortlessly dress it up AND down


Lockdown Fashion This Winter 2021

As a personal stylist, I know that WFH in the winter means we want:

  • fashion styles that feel warm as soon as you put them on
  • medium weight, not too heavy or cumbersum
  • stretchy and uber comfortable
  • cosy clothes that look chic
  • flatter and fit well
  • not itchy so we can keep it on 27-4
  • must layer over office pants, yoga pants AND pyjama pants
  • work for day-to-night
  • can be worn inside AND outside

(wow – we don’t want much, do we?)

That’s why as a fashion stylist, I suggest a smart knitted cardigan = Coatigan = hybrid coat / cardigan

Sydney Wardrobe Stylist

What they have in common is a collar and/or rever, shown on the left (rather than shawl collar or hood) which keeps them on the ‘smart’ side of casual & gives them their versatility!

Mummy Makeover Style

They’re also perfect for those personal styling clients needing a mummy makeover! You can breast feed in it, soft enough next to baby’s skin and you NEVER NEED TO TAKE IT OFF! (apart from to launder)

My Personal Shopper Top 7 Coatigans:

PRESENTING my personal shopper top 7 coatigans that will makeover your wardrobe instantly! These clothes styles range in price, colour, fabric & sizes XXS-XXXL to fit all body types, so there’s one to match your personal style:


The Winter Waterfall Milano Cardigan $129 – ON SALE TILL TUESDAY 6th JULY $78

Why is this a fantastic fashion style?

  • The milano yarn is drier to feel and creates a smarter look. It’s a yarn Scanlan & Theodore have run for years and this is the Portman’s version
  • It comes in 5 colours
  • Comes with a belt but looks great without
  • Streamline fit
  • Often on sale!

Click here for @Portman’s coatigan


Juliette collarless sweater-blazer $260

Why is this a fantastic fashion style?

  • Mid-length
  • Minimal lapel
  • USA sizes so go up 2 sizes for AUS ie. USA10=AUS14, however
  • It’s also easy fit so go down 1 or 2 sizes

Click here for JCrew coatigan


Sophie Sweater Blazer $299 (plus 25% discount until 4th July!!)

Why is this a fantastic fashion style?

  • Collar & rever
  • Weight & yarn
  • Easy fit so go down 1 size
  • Shorter length & bracelet sleeve length is perfect for petite clients
  • Covers you bottom which is often the area that gets cold!

Click here for JCrew @DavidJones coatigan

4/. PORTMAN’S (again)

Cara Longline Waterfall Coatigan $139 – ON SALE TILL TUESDAY 6th JULY $84

Why is this a fantastic fashion style?

  • Slim fit
  • Cosy yet chic
  • Great length
  • No belt so it has a cleaner look

Click here for Portman’s coatigan


Double Breasted Coatigan $159.00 (plus 25% discount until 4th July!!)

Why is this a fantastic fashion style?

  • Narrow double breasted
  • Unusual shade that’s flattering & versatile
  • Welt pockets, not patch pockets so create a cleaner look
  • Also available in black
  • Comes up big so go down 1 size

Click here for @PingPong @DavidJones coatigan


Wool Blend Coatigan $199 (but has 20% off!)

Why is this a fantastic fashion style?

  • Great value for 50% wool content!
  • This marle can look really sporty
  • Gentle machine wash

Click here for @BlueIllusion coatigan

7/. SABA

Karlie Merino Wool Knit Cardigan $269.00 = moss & black shade

Karlie Ponte Cardigan $179.00 = black

Save 25% When You Buy 2 Or More Full Price Items!

Same style, just different fabrics

Why are these such fantastic fashion styles?

  • Flattering asymmetric shape with dipped hem
  • Covers the back of the neck for warmth
  • Plus you can layer a shirt collar under
  • Versatile flattering moss green
  • Mohair yarn keeps it looking luxury
  • Ponte fabric version is another KEY fabrication in EVERY women’s wardrobe

Click here for @Saba merino version

Click here for @Saba ponte version

Little Karlie Cardigan $149

Saba also offer a shorter version in a ponte fabric in 3 shades, black, grey & ink, perfect for more petite clients.

Click here for shorter @Saba coatigan

Sydney Wardrobe Solutions

So I hope this has offered some focused inspiration on great value items at different price points and size ranges – the kind of hard working clothes styles you wondered how you lived without!?!

Want to know what to wear with these coatigans, book me for a personal shop!



Rozalia Russian for G&S

If you bought the Karen Millen black pleather pants I *banged on about* last winter, perhaps this brown version could be your 2021 update?

Personal Shopper Skills

I’ve talked about B R O W N for a few seasons and most brands now offer MANY shades, so you’ve probably seen brown pop-up across the high street!!

As your personal shopper I’ve edited the best and organised in to 3 price points, depending on your budget


I’ll give you a bit of exclusive fashion insight….and some of you might not like what I have to say..

Brown, taupe & camel are actually WAYYYYYYY more flatter on most humans than grey!! Like, way better.

There. I’ve said it.

Ginger & Smart

As a colour expert, I’ve conducted 100’s of colour analysis’s so I’m talking from FIRST HAND experience and I know that lots of clients reading this will have witnessed this too!!

Even if you have cool undertones, so a SUMMER or WINTER, and grey should suit you, taupe generally looks better on 80% of you!!

This shows the taupe range from the coolest on the left to the warmest on the right:

Why Do I Like Brown?

I KNOW brown can be a bit scary or have unpleasant connotations (no more detail needed) but I’m telling you, it’s edgy.

It’s softer and richer than black meaning it’s less stark AND flatters more skin tones!

It also works perfectly in leather or mock leather because it’s less obviously *sexy* than black can appear

Move Over Black, There’s A New Shade In Town

Here’s all the rich shades of *BROWN* to consider buying clothes in:

So, if you haven’t tried this colour yet, how about rocking it in a more sexy way like these pleather or leather pants?

YOUR Pant Personal Shopper

As a personal shopper, I’ve edited the high street and found the best leather-look bargains, through to finest quality leather, from skinny to pleat front tapered, so here’s your comprehensive buying guide, happy shopping!

Leather or Pleather Pro’s & Con’s

Leather :

  • Natural & breathable
  • Shapes to your body
  • Durable & looks better with wear
  • Authentic look

Pleather or PU:

  • Less expensive than leather
  • Vegan options, fully certified
  • Can hold it’s shape better if stretch
  • Wipe clean & stain resistant
  • UV resistant

Cheap Thrill

Wallet Friendly

Savvy Splurge

Best Pant Type For YOUR Body Type

Click to understand the different female body types so you understand the best pant shape to flatter your body shape:

body types
Fashionopolis via Pinterest

ATHLETIC = pleat front + defined waist/belted ie. Portmans, Carolina or Ginger & Smart

HOURGLASS & APPLE = flat fronted fitted pants ie. H&M, Forever New, Bardot, The Iconic

PEAR = parallel leg ie. Aje, Witchery or Ginger & Smart that creates more room over hip/thigh

INVERTED TRIANGLE = parallel or looser leg including pleat front/elasticated waist that creates a fuller leg shape ie. Portmans, Carolina or Ginger & Smart

LONG WAISTED = high waist pant including paper bag waist ie. Carolina style

LONG LEGS = any style works you lucky thing!

Fashion Shopper

There’s currently winter sales on and the sooner you purchase, the sooner you can start enjoying!

Look at the above images for styling ideas or search on pinterest or instagram #brownleatherpants including how to wear during spring & autumn to maximise your purchase and reduce your cost-per-wear!

Contact me if you’d like help shopping for your perfect pair x



**cue high kick**

(& you can actually DO that in these pants!!)

You NEED This Fashion Style In Your Wardrobes Sydney!

As a personal shopper in Sydney, I know you’ve been searching for a comfortable, casual pant, versatile enough to take you pretty much anywhere.

1 fashion style that you can wear #wfh but also happy to leave the house in, you can smarten for work and A L L activities in between, because let’s face it, these days most of our daily life is spent on these everyday pursuits.

We need to make sure our wardrobe matches our lifestyle needs

Sustainable Fashion Approach

Lots of clients think that to achieve lots of different looks in your wardrobe, you need lots of clothes – but that’s simply not the case.

You just need the RIGHT clothes.

And sometimes that just takes a bit more patience, research and wardrobe planning – and that’s what I’m here for!

What Is ‘Smart Casual’ Style?

Finding a ‘smart casual pant’ is an item most of my personal styling clients struggle with, a pant that fills the void between jean and active-wear legging

It’s a casual style in a cleaner, smarter fabric

Whatever your age, size, body type this pant will suit YOU!

And depending on your personal style, there’s soooo many ways to style them too!

The tapered leg that skims your body means there’s less fabric flapping about compared to a wider leg, meaning you feel comfortable wearing them to more events, and because they’re not skin tight, you don’t have to keep them just for ‘thin days’

Fashion Styling

Have a look at 3 ways i’ve styled them (or the almost identical pair I already own) and scroll down to see the actual LuLuLemon pair in action

And Where Are They From?

Drum roll please…..

They’re from the American Fitness wear brand LuLuLemon!

Did you guess it?

The Keep Moving Pant at $129

Well designed pants born out of our real world need to seamlessly move from dog walking, to business meeting


And the reason they’re so versatile?

They’ve left off :

> LuLuLemon logo

> triple stitching

> oversized pockets

> elasticated hems etc.

Basically all the things that would make them harder to style smarter!

Fashion Shopper Tip

It’s actually what they’ve left OFF, that makes them a clever design, so consider this clean minimal approach as a value-add feature when you next purchase

They actually appear a looser fit on the website but I found them less baggy in real life, I wore a size 10 and i’m generally around a size 8, 9 or 10 so I went up slightly, rather than down.

Remember, the brand is American so you need to go down 2 sizes, so a size 10 = size 6 at LuLuLemon

It’s All About The Fabric

Fabric is one of the key reasons you enjoy – or don’t enjoy – wearing your clothes but it’s an area that’s not regularly considered

@lululemon have created gym friendly technical fabrics that they’re now making in ‘street’ styles


The Actual LuLuLemon Pant In Action!

The music’s a little loud (or maybe I’m just showing my age ;-)) but this is the actual LuLuLemon KEEP MOVING PANT in action:

Petite Body Types

Such a large percent of my female clients are petite (5ft 3″ and under) so I was delighted that there’s a crop pair in navy.

Also perfect for those of you who have shorter legs or just prefer a crop length

Navy is pretty much as versatile as black, depending on your personal style

My Styling Services

Here’s a few more ways to style these pants for a variety of seasons using tanks, knits and brogues!

I’d LOVE to see how you’ve styled your pant, send me photos!


It’s simple.

We can be part of the fashion problem,

or the solution

A Sustainable Fashion Solution

GOOD DAY GIRL fashion designers are revolutionizing the Australian fashion industry.

They’re a local Sydney design duo with a completely different approach to producing clothes, that’s stylish AND affordable!

As a Sydney personal stylist, we share the same philosophy in that each fashion season should layer on top of the last, evolving your capsule wardrobe as you evolve as a person.

Clever, thoughtful wardrobe planning that reduces waste as you reduce consumption.

Contact me to be emailed this article so you can read easily in full


In the January 13th 2021 edition of the Wentworth Courier there’s a fantastic fashion article ‘FASHION SINGS A SLOWER TUNE’ that stopped me in my tracks.


The statistics from this article read:

>>Between 2000 – 2014 clothing production DOUBLED

I was working as a global fashion designer during this period and realise I was part of the problem – hence why I now work as a personal stylist trying to be part of the solution, to slow down fashion consumption, 1 client at a time

Increasingly my personal styling clients ask me for more ethically sourced and sustainable fashion which is reassuring to witness positive change happening!!

>>The average consumer now buys 60% more

>>Clothing is only kept half as long

This 60% increase in consumption wouldn’t be so much of a problem if we were purchased sustainable fabrics and fulfilled and enjoying wearing more of our clothes – but these stats tell us that consumers are increasingly unsatisfied with their purchases “a graveyard of unloved clothing” as Good Day Girl put it.

Image from BBC News

Pair that with covid-comfort-spending, recently reported as a:

>> +38% increase in clothing spend according to Mozo the money saving website !!


If we carry on in this trajectory, 2030 looks incredibly concerning for our environment, our children’s future, our spending behavior and expectations as consumer

Start Wardrobe Planning

You don’t need loads more stuff in your wardrobes Sydney, you just need the RIGHT stuff, so this is the mantra I invite you to sit with this year, to ask yourself before you buy:

Do I really love this, will I enjoy wearing it often?

It reflects the trending hashtag:


It changes your approach to buying, by encouraging you to only purchase items you’ll get 30 wears from 

Have you seen my ‘FOREVER PIECES’ on my instastories that show you the fashion styles that generate well over #30wears?

Image from Instagram

This Behavior Creates Your Personal Style

So let’s pause for a mo to think about pieces in your wardrobe you’ve worn, or look forward to wearing, 30 times


Why do you you rely on them? What do they have in common?

It’s the REASON you wear what you wear on rotation that I’m eager to understand as a personal stylist, because THIS becomes the basis of your personal style

Made-To-Measure Fashion Style

Now, I’m not suggesting all conventional shops are replaced with made-to-measure, but I am saying that it would be great to see more of these more environmentally friendly yet affordable business models, wouldn’t it?

Let’s Start A Fashion Revolution

What if current fashion brands started to offer this service and as a result


I’ve learnt sooooo much from workshopping 1:1 with my clients that would make me a much better fashion designer if I’d want to return to my former career (like, 500% better)

Imagine that – listening and responding to customer requests?

Now, certain brands are already good at this as they repeat best selling styles but often the update colours are a guess and still the production would be in large batches as that’s how they’ve always worked, but if Good Day Girl can manage producing low runs of 1 style from quality fabrics then surely larger fashion brands could off-set this cost too?


That would be a fashion revolution now wouldn’t it…?

Fashion Industry Overhaul

Here’s another scary stat courtesy of a BBC news report Fast fashion: Inside the fight to end the silence on waste by By Kelly-Leigh Cooper July 2018:

>> It is estimated that only 1% of our clothing is ultimately recycled into new garments

This is because of problems with industry processes such as difficulties in breaking down fibers to recycle them if they are a mixed yarn eg. a cotton/polyester blend, particularly man made fibers.

Buying recycled or ethically sourced fibers reduces waste, so is this something you look out for when purchasing?

Image from BBC News

So I know that this waste issue isn’t purely a over consumption problem but industry wide processes that need changing – URGENTLY!

That’s why the Global Fashion Agenda was set up in 2017 to work towards a Circular Fashion System, read more here

It’s Not Just “Fast Fashion” That’s To Blame

We all know the fashion industry, is a major contributor to greenhouse gases, water and air pollution, creates problematic levels of waste, and often comes with poor working conditions in other countries

We blame “fast fashion” but the reality is luxury fashion brands are also to blame.

>> Burberry burnt almost $40m of stock, instead of selling it off cheaply, to protect the brand’s exclusivity & value

How To Recycle Your Textiles

So then I ask you to consider how to reduce your own waste?

Below are some ideas plus a blog I wrote about easy ways to be more ethical, because let’s face it, no-one’s perfect but if we can all make positive changes that fits with our lifestyle, we’re more likely to maintain them:

  • Dress For Success – an incredible charity set up to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life
  • Local OP Shops – always needing quality donations
  • Sell unwanted items – if they’re modern and in good condition there’s consignment stores, Ebay or facebook groups (my fav is High End) that will recycle your clothes in to money to give them new life. You can them recycle your money in to another item that will serve you better
  • Give to friends who better suit them AND WILL ENJOY WEARING THEM!
  • Clothes swap party – pull together some girlfriends you can swap items with and if you’re different body types, take accessories!
  • Textile bins – located all over the country and in certain brands such as H&M and Zara help recycle old textiles in to new clothes

So let’s start 2021 with a mantra of mind-fullness

Let’s turn ‘mindless consumption’ in to

mindful consumerism

& enjoy our purchases more

Contact me to help put this in to practice and book in your session today


Here’s your complete personal shopper guide to the key S/S20 fashion trends based on body types

1 tank styled differently by Camilla & Marc

These 5 affordable style updates create instant an wardrobe makeover and the best part? THEY LOOK FANTASTIC WORN TOGETHER

Because as a wardrobe planner, I always tell my personal styling clients to :

*think in outfits*

By planning what you’re going to buy before you go clothes shopping, you BUY LESS and WEAR IT MORE!

Spring 2020 Trends

I’m concentrating on SPRING fashion, so featuring clothes in longer lengths with sleeve coverage etc. but because I ❤️ you, I’m also sharing my style tips on how to wear certain fashion trends in to summer, autumn and even winter!!

Let’s dive in….

…Fashionably Late

Here’s an little personal shopper video I actually shot back in September (oops) but I’m chuffed to say that I’ve been back-to-back with clients so blog posts had to be politely *paused*.

It outlines some key fashion styles to help inspire and guide you, high street versions I’ve sourced and published based on positive personal styling client feedback, so many are tried and tested!

Sydney Guided Shopping:

Fashion Trend 1/. TIERED SKIRTS

These tiered skirts are FUN FUN FUN!

There’s a version for everyone – some are easy wear with simple tiers, whilst others are more ‘fashun’ with layered ruffles and patterns which offer a higher octane party theme!

What ever your personal style, you can match it, go boho, girly, edgy, the choice is yours!


  • All body shapes apart from a rounder APPLE
  • Particularly good for PEARS
  • If you have a bit of a tummy then invest in a style with a 2 layered wide waistband – or basque – to offer support
  • For curve sizes, I would advise the easier to wear simpler styles or softer fabrics if choosing ruffles

Check out my Pinterest TIERED SKIRT board for loads of style inspiration


Easiest to wear: what a great denim skirt update for a mummy makeoverfrom Seed!

Fashion version:

Get Twice The Amount Of Wear

As a professional image consultant, I often suggest buying the matching top for maximum impact and then pair with a t-shirt for an effortless day look?

Twice the enjoyment with no thinking involved!

How To Wear In Autumn / Winter

How to transform a spring/summer skirt for winter

These skirts shout *summer holiday* but cleverly this midi-maxi-length skirt style also offers some warmth which means you can wear most of the year round when styled correctly!

SUSTAINABLE FASHION TIPS: To achieve maximum bang-for-buck then buy a skirt you can wear with your fav winter boots like this image.

That’s autumn winter 2021 sorted too!

Tiered Dresses Are A Bit Of A ‘Thing’ Too

Whether you like your dresses strapy, crew neck or sleeved, the high street has you covered so there’s a version for everyone!

STYLE TIPS: The wider the hem circumference, the more ‘fashun’ it looks!


  • , although this style will ‘cover and conceal’ rather than ‘flatter’ but you do want a variety of shapes in your wardrobes because we don’t always feel like showing our bodies off
  • Particularly awesome for pregnant women or rounder apples


Fashion Trend 2/. TANK TOPS

This essential little tank has had a 2020 makeover!

Close body fit with high neck and cut-away shoulder, this is also the ultimate layering piece for when it gets cold, just throw over a leather biker!

Hot and particularly popular in neutrals & the on-trend macaroon shades, it outfits with pretty much any fashion style! Amazing paired with voluminous bottoms like baggy pants or the above tiered skirts as a neat, fitted outfit solution!


  • Particularly good on ATHLETIC body shapes
  • Ribbed stretch jersey can be worn tight for anyone feeling confident – don’t buy too big as this thicker rib won’t flatter if it’s not taught
  • Wear looser in drapy lighter-weight fabrics for those feeling less body confident, see my linen examples below
  • Avoid this style if you feel ‘bulky’ up top, stick to a scoop or V neck


Most brands offer 1 style in different colours so pick the shape you like and then pick your shade!

If You’re Petite or Lean

If you’re PETITE, slim, or both then this Chosen style is more delicate to echo your natural frame but still gives the sporty, cut away look

The fabric is less bulky and also comes in different colours


Easier Wear: drapy linen blends that sit away from the body for less body-con look

SUSTAINABLE FASHION TIPS: Rather than buying a new bra, buy the plastic adjuster to convert your standard style to a racer style bra.

As it’s reusable, you can transform several of your bra’s time and time again

Check out my Pinterest TANK TOP board for loads of style inspiration


Fashion Trend 3/. BERMUDA SHORTS

Longer length tailored shorts – what’s NOT to love!

So many clients don’t love their legs but want to wear a conventional ‘short short’ so here’s the perfect fashion trend – a PRACTICAL one that offers more coverage! YAY!!

Newer than the ‘city short’ that my clients say can make them feel a little ‘frumpy’, these are edgier, more feminine and cling less to the leg


  • Every!!! The more triangular in shape – the more flattering they are!!
  • 1 or 2 subtle pleats work and can even help to cover a small tummy

FASHION TIPS: remember that linen and cotton fabrics will crush and crease when you sit down


Get Twice The Amount Of Wear

SUSTAINABLE FASHION TIPS: buy the matching jacket to give these shorts more outing options…

This new suit can take you to wedding, the races, work or a dinner date!

Check out my Pinterest BERMUDA SHORT board for loads of style inspiration



How nice is it to have a different neckline in your wardrobe?

A square neck is open and therefore flattering. These new fashion styles often come with a handy little sleeve which gives you perfect coverage for spring.

Impactful in pop colours and patterns, these really add some energy to makeover your spring summer wardrobe


  • Pretty much all body shapes, just take care with really full busts as the straight neckline can be unflattering depending on the cut & cloth
  • Really flattering for smaller busts
  • Perfect for clients who don’t love the top of their arms, you can show off your décolletage, but not the top of your arms!


Curve sizing:

‘Standard’ Sizing:

A Try-Before-You-Buy-Style

This Witchery style is stunning and also comes in oatmeal, but clients have felt that the generous waistband gathers had them feeling a bit ‘little bo peep’ so make sure you try it before you buy it.

Remember, styling for a photo on a website is different to real life style!

Trust me, I used to work as a fashion stylist for a magazine and there’s many tricks we use during photo shoots!

How To Wear Square Necks For Summer

If you love this square neck style but want a high summer version, just go for a sleeveless style!

Consider the layer you’ll pop over the top to give you more wear during spring & autumn. I’d suggest a lightweight snug fit jacket!

Love that City Chic offers the trend in a pant suit!

How To Wear Square Necks For Winter

Choose a pattern with black in if you have a black winter boot (or brown + brown) so you can pair together easily – and this sleeve coverage means you won’t be shivering your way through cocktails!

Pull up the sleeve and swap to a sandal for spring. Easy!

Check out my Pinterest SQUARE NECK TOPS & DRESSES board for loads of style inspiration



It’s the new muscle tee updated with shoulder pads ’cause if you hadn’t noticed, padding is EVERYWHERE….

Available in a plethora of shades so my personal stylist advice is to go for one in a neutral and one in a solid pop colour as it’s inexpensive and soooo versatile. Choose subtle padding, rather than bulky and watch my video for reasons why


  • Most body types
  • Take care if your an INVERTED TRIANGLE or particularly busty
  • The strong, sharp shoulder makes your waist look smaller!


What If My Body Type Has It’s Own Padded Shoulders?

Ok, so what if we LOVE the ‘look’ but don’t love the padded shoulder? Well I’ve got you covered, here’s a few examples:

Non Padded Versions:

2-For-1 Fashion Style

Ohhh, you could always tick 2-trends-with-1-style and opt for this square neck tank WITH shoulder pads!

This is ideal for those clients with sloping shoulders or a longer neck who would benefit from strengthening their shoulder

Also great to layer cardigans over because the padding will create a smarter look!

Check out my Pinterest PADDED SHOULDER TANK board for loads of style inspiration


So I hope you’ve found this a useful spring shopping guide to inspire you to make stylish, yet value-based purchases that evolve your capsule wardrobe.

You know where I am if you need help!



best personal stylist Sydney

Certain personal styling clients have such a transformation that a few ‘before & after’ photos just don’t do their journey justice.

We need to hear their story.

Lisa Munro’s Full Makeover experience was so profoundly positive, she’s been telling everyone, including her thousands of followers, about it.

And to say I’m thrilled, is an understatement, as it means she’s genuinely shifted her happiness scale upwards.


Learning to like your self-image is THE most radical thing you’ll do in your lifetime and unfortunately most of us suffer for too long, unnecessarily


This article is a giant testimonial of self acceptance, empowerment with a jump in confidence that wouldn’t feel out of place with a brass band accompaniment xXx

My Purpose As A Personal Stylist

One of my driving purposes is to re-connect my image consultant clients with their wardrobe so they enjoy it more, through understanding how to make the best of their individual look.

And Lisa nailed it.

Miss Munro = Miss Monroes

Apart from working a corporate job, Lisa is also a #ladyboss & #solopreneur founding Miss Monroes premium anti-chafe lingerie. She designs, manufactures and sells in Australia, helping thousands of women feel more confident about the clothes they wear.


Stage 1 : Colour Empowerment

Understanding why certain shades flatter you, whilst others don’t is incredibly empowering and has numerous benefits. It’s the first step to liking what we see staring back at us every day because, put simply;

Flattering colours helps us feel better about the skin we’re in

A colour consultant service sets the foundations to curate your dream wardrobe!

So, I’m going to sit back and let Lisa do (most of) the talking with her first hand experience of her style makeover …

colour consultant sydney
Showing a similar bespoke colour wallet

Stage 2 : Body Type Empowerment


Like many of us [read : 99.9%] Lisa has struggled with her body image.

Body types are a subject that makes many women feel uncomfortable, even a little painful, so we need to talk about it, hence my devoted August facebook posts all about clothing sizes.

We hold so much value and self worth on how low that number is on that teeny tiny polyester tag, don’t we?

So much so, I wrote an article about it for a little blog called MamaMia.

Re-wiring The Way We Think About Our Body Types

Body image issues don’t have to be weight related but I hear lots of people say they’d love to see me but…

“…when they loose weight”

But for many that doesn’t happen.

They wait and wait but the reality is that their comfortable, natural weight is the size they’re at.

It’s like they don’t deserve to feel good or they’ll be giving in to their weight gain if they buy bigger clothes.

But this waiting game is often just that – a game that becomes increasingly hard to win, so I encourage honestly and finding peace with your body so instead of constantly working against it, you work with it.

body types

Certain personal styling clients are shocked at how challenging dressing STILL is although they’re 2 sizes smaller!! It’s often because UNBALANCED BODY PROPORTIONS are harder to dress than body SIZE

You can change your body SIZE, but it’s more difficult to change your body TYPE

I hear this FAR too often

During my personal shopper VIP experience, I show you flattering clothes that FIT YOUR BODY you never knew existed!

Now Lisa knows how to enhance her ‘best bits’ with the right colours, cuts and fabrics AND where to shop for these!

Lisa has quieted her negative internal dialogue (that we all have) by changing her narrative, focusing instead on the positives.

And there’s MANY !!

Couldn’t agree more x

Stage 3 : Personal Style Empowerment

The last thing I would do as a personal stylist is try to change Lisa’s personal style, but I do want to identify and evolve it, so that means taking the essence of what she loves, but make it represent the new ‘her’.

Lisa is fundamentally feminine and glamorous with a boho edge,but she wanted a more sophisticated femininity, cleaner and more contemporary.

Updating Lisa’s Fashion Style

She had a denim pencil skirt in her current wardrobe that we styled up during session 1, the Personal Analysis & Wardrobe Makeover, but we later realised that it still didn’t feel true to the way Lisa’s fashion style was developing, so we bought her a new one that totally nailed her brief!

Don’t get hung up on a duplicating a style your friend might wear as chances are, they’ll have a different body shape and fashion style to you!

Let’s find YOUR version.

This is Lisa’s version of a denim skirt – a feminine denim look pleat skirt!

Stage 4 : Wardrobe Makeover Outfits

BEFORE I arrived for Lisa’s Wardrobe Makeover…..and AFTER!!

But look at just some of her brand new outfits we created from her current wardrobe (we’ve generated about 250 outfits total post her personal shop) !! We work-shopped accessories, solved layering problems, talked turn-ups and everything in between!

Then Lisa catagorised her outfits as a quick reference every morning because having 2 jobs, means you don’t have much time to think!! :-

Because black isn’t one of Lisa’s best shades, I helped her outfit it in more flattering and glamorous way which suits her personal clothes style.

Lisa looks more modern & polished

Stage 5 : Personal Shopper Outfits

Lisa needs to feel confident about the self image she shows the world and her Miss Monroe customers, so we’ need to ensure we’re dressing the woman she’s becoming, not the woman she’s was.

Lisa’s transformation needed to be

internal AND external

So we hit the shops for a VIP Personal Shopper session to complete Lisa’s makeover!

Re-wiring The Way We Think About Shopping

Lisa had a default setting when it came to how much money she would spend on one piece:

“…. only because my brain thinks it needs lots of outfits for variety and buying cheaper means I get more for my money ” ~ Lisa

When actually, it’s simply about buying the right mix & match pieces which I show you using my 20 years fashion experience dressing women! Plus, this is more ethic and sustainable way to build your wardrobe, the result of which are on her below instagram @missmonroesshop

You can see where Lisa’s old fashion style, which isn’t particularly ‘bad’, it just didn’t show Lisa to her best, it can get frustrating when we’re not fulfilling our potential, can’t it, across any area of our lives actually!?

Old Fashion Style

  • feminine and soft
  • lots of black & white which I see a lot during my styling sessions
  • only a few full body shots which are often distorted
  • using images NOT of her when she IS her brand!
  • Lisa almost fades in to the background


Old fashion style

….she embraced and enhanced her personal brand!!

New Fashion Style

  • stronger and powerful
  • bolder, happy to be ‘seen’
  • more sexy sophisticated
  • grown up womanly, less girly
  • in-control
  • polished
  • modern & elegant
  • confident
  • ready to take on the world
  • inspiring her Miss Monroes customers
  • playful, even mischievous!
  • HAPPY, you cannot fake an honest smile 🙂

New fashion style

She’s now striking, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-self-assured!

My Unique Personal Styling Services

I hope this cosmic SHIFT is Lisa’s happiness and body confidence can inspire you, or someone you know, to undergo a personal styling session and if you love reading about my clients journeys then let me know and I’ll create more.

I understand that opening yourself up to a image consultant session can make you feel a little vulnerable, but clients will tell you about my non-judgemental approach and that I’ll probably love your wardrobe more than you do x


Clothes are powerful and knowing how to use them to your advantage is your edge over your peers.

You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about yourself during my personal styling services, it’s knowledge we should ALL be armed with – it’s about sanity, not vanity.

I believe if we learnt how to work with what we have at a much earlier age, society would be much happier.

Total Style & Mindset Makeover!

total style makeover

This is feedback from another delighted personal styling client also represents the thoughts of many:

YOU ARE WORTH IT so let’s chat about starting your new style journey today



Let’s be completely honest, we’ve all put on a little weight during lock down, haven’t we?

Bracing yourself when attempting to pull on those jeans again after weeks of ignoring their existence was *intense*, wasn’t it?


As a Sydney personal stylist, I chat about body types, size and weight a lot (not just during lockdown) and so many of my clients have put on an average of 5kg.

That seems to be THE number!

I’m A Different Kind of Sydney Personal Stylist

body types

But as a personal stylist with a more unique approach to solving fashion problems, I’m sharing some practical style tips to help your clothes become more flexible in size so you wear them more.

I don’t want you to feel like you have to rush out and buy a new wardrobe but instead offer you some sustainable fashion tips to avoid feeling so crappy about yourself.

4 Fashion Tips To Give Your Wardrobe A Makeover

These tips are for those of you who need to make their clothes half-to-one size bigger for any reason, not just #covidkilos but could be part of your MUMMY MAKEOVER service

Practical fashion tips = instant wardrobe makeover!


I’ve had fantastic feedback from my image consultant clients about this handy little style hack that means they enjoy wearing skirts they had previously written off!

Why This Fashion Tip Works:

Skirts generally have a longer shelf life when we put on weight because we wear them higher on our waist as we expand (perfect for my petite clients who might feel the skirt was initially a little long in length).

Therefore, most skirts already have about 1/2 or 1 size flexibility in them naturally – then this fashion tip creates a further 1/2 a size!

It’s also helpful during dinner dates to know you have some flexibility without your skirt falling down! ;-0


I know from 20 years fashion experience that pants are THE hardest thing to make fit well!

This is because unlike skirts that really only need to fit 1 part of our body – at the waistband – pants need to fit our 3D bodies in every way!

Most of us know about the ‘belly band method’ of extending the size of our jeans waistband often used during pregnancy but my method creates a more comfortable and permanent solution that doesn’t show your skin.

Being able to add half a size can be the difference between you wearing them and not and we don’t always consider the power of the inside jigger button.



It might sound counter-intuitive from a fashion stylist, but removing some of that fabric you paid for could be the difference between enjoying it or ditching it.


When you’ve only got room to tuck in 1 layer and you want to keep warm, this is your secret weapon!

Currently reduced to $20, this little clothes style from Glassons will be your best friend, an uber comfortable SEAMLESS V-SCOOP CROP TOP

Why This Clothes Style Is A Problem Solver:

It works because it’s:

  • V or scoop neck
  • Comfortable seamless layer next to your skin
  • Flat necklines that don’t look bulky under a layer
  • Long sleeves keep you warm that you can cut shorter (jersey doesn’t really fray, no-one’s going to see it, so save on paying to alter it
  • Obviously the fact that it’s cropped and doesn’t need tucking in!

It’s available in 7 colours, 5 of which cater to different skin tones. Unsure what your undertone is then contact me for a COLOUR CONSULTANT makeover service:

  1. SAND CASTLE = olive & brown skin
  2. PRINCESS PEACH = golden undertones
  3. BLACK = black & dark brown skin tones
  4. WHITE = pale ivory skin
  5. FAIRY FLOSS = cooler undertones

This is another version I’ve just found that’s only $16 bucks but only offers 1 neckline and 3 colours:

2021 UPDATE:

Here’s another Glassons styles currently in store you can online shop today, or try this one that comes in a few colours.

Learn how to shop smarter and benefit from a PERSONAL SHOPPER experience.

I hope these fashion tips will help makeover your wardrobe – and your headspace. Often just a ‘tweak’ is all we need to feel more comfortable in our clothes.

Enjoy x