For those of you who know me will know I bang on about the importance of altering your clothes to make them fit YOUR body shape, as seen here.

If you’re of average build and height then you may not feel like you should pay extra to tailor a style as generally clothes would tend to fit your body type well.

However for those of us who are petite, tall or curvy then the cost of a quick alteration is something we frequently have to factor in to the price of the garment.

Online Shopping

Yet what ever type of shape you may be, online shopping can be a challenge trying to work out what size to purchase from each brand as they all come up different (cue previous post that explains this in more depth). Well, let me introduce you to the PerfectFit app from Haru.


Welcome to HARU.

Want to know more? Here is a short clip that explains HARU. and our product PerfectFit a little further! Remeber to visit our website to find out more and to sign up for the first trial!

Posted by HARU. on Friday, 25 August 2017


Find Your Perfect Fit – The Future Of Shopping

HARU is a forward thinking brand who are tapping in to this problem by taking body shape to a whole new level.

Firstly they map your body measurements using an app and then compare them with various online brands who can offer garments in your perfect fit!

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

So Haru’s approach to dressing for your body shape is to minimise the need for alterations after, by defining the shape of your body first! So of course, there are many different body types – particularly female body types – but this process makes shopping more successful (& therefore enjoyable) so next time you receive your parcel in the post you can be sure your selection will work for you.

There’s no such thing as the perfect body shape, but there can be the perfect fit!


Ok, so you know there are several female body types but what if you can’t work out what shape you are, but still want to look good?

What if you want to hit the shops with a style in mind that you think could flatter you regardless of the shape of your body? To have an idea of what might suit you is better than no idea right?

When I meet women in Sydney and they find out I work as a personal stylist, the first question I get asked is “what dress shapes suit my body type?” although most of the time I  can’t make out their figure! Therefore, I decided that rather than asking them to strip down, I thought a more appropriate response would be to tell them about a fantastic style that would probably look good on them.

If you ask the question ‘what is my body type?’ click here to find out.

Dressing For Your Body Shape

During my personal styling service, I aim to simplify dressing for your body shape, now i’m not saying this will suit every single female as I don’t adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach but ‘one style fits most’ is a pretty good start! It might not align with your personal taste which is another key factor when finding what ‘fits’ you, but in my experience as a Sydney stylist this dress is a fantastic, reliable go-to style.

‘One Style Fits Most’

THE most flattering dress shape = The FIT & FLARE

It FITS in all the right places & FLARES out over all the right places

how to dress for your body shape

This classic little number tends to flatter pretty much ALL types of body shapes… and not many garments can claim that!

Why This Dress Flatters

  • Wrap styles flatter the bust and torso
  • Wraps are adjustable for different body types & bust shapes
  • The feminine sleeve gives arm coverage and finding stylish dresses WITH sleeves is rare
  • It gives waist definition, high enough to hide a tummy
  • The full skirt glides over the hips & thighs which are commonly a more tricky part of a womens body shape
  • It covers the knee which is another area a lot of females prefer to cover, particularly as they age
  • This style creates an hourglass figure which is the most desirable
  • The fabric has stretch which allows better fit
  • The stretch gives extra comfort for all day wear and if you were to put on or loose some weight
  • It’s a classic piece that won’t date and suits all ages, just style it up with contemporary accessories
  • And whats more, the colour of this dress is also flatters a wide variety of skin tones


This style is from Sammy Dress and retails for around $25!!

So if you feel a little lost when you’re next out shopping, buying a frock like this would be a worthwhile purchase. A lot of retailers have their own version but go armed with my list above and try to find a version that works best for you.

If you need help then just contact me to be your shopping buddy and read all about the advantages of booking my PERSONAL SHOPPER service.

Good luck!


As a personal stylist in Sydney BODY TYPES are one of the main areas I cover in my initial analysis of a client to help guide them in to what they should be wearing versus what they should avoid. There are many different body types so click here to read more about my analysis service to help identify the shape of your body:


body types


It can be a tricky area with even the most perfect of physiques having their own hang up’s about their body image. During my personal styling service, I’m all about empowering clients to make the best choices and to magnify people’s ‘best bits’.

I find it fascinating how my clients respond to size labels, or when clothes don’t fit them well so I thought i’d give you all some industry insight to make you feel a little better about your bodies:




There is 5cm between each standard dress size ie. between a size 12 and 14 there’s 5 cm’s difference throughout the main body measurements (bust, waist, hip)




Don’t let a size tag change your mind about buying – or not buying – an item. If you consider the above and then imagine that some paneled skirts could have 6 seams, if the seamstress takes off just a few millimeters too much seam allowance whilst sewing the panels together, that means your skirt ends up half a size smaller!!!

I understand that the number on a size tag can create an emotional response, but really we need to asses the actual garment size rather than the number that generally represents your body shape. THAT NUMBER DOES NOT DEFINE YOU!

Most people have a variety of sizes in their wardrobe – up to 3 sizes either way – so don’t buy something too small or too big, because it’s the size you ‘normally’ take. Buy the size that fits you in THAT store.




A plus size 16 is equivalent of a standard size 18, so go down 1 size if you shop plus size brands. Similarly if you shop vintage, go up a few sizes as the measurements that we know today used to be ALOT smaller back in the 60’s as explained in this DAILY MAIL article.




With lead times decreasing for fashion retailers to get their designs on to the shop floor, often fit sessions would suffer – sessions where we would fit our new designs on to our brands fit model and usually 3 are scheduled per style. Certain brands now boast that they can get a design in to store in 3 weeks (!!) which leaves me questioning how they get time to fit these properly?

I’ve seen female clients upset that a top doesn’t fit their particular body shape well when the bust dart is up by her collar bone! Sometimes it’s just a design flaw and my remark is “it’s not you, it’s them”




Do you find yourself often shopping at the same stores? Well this might be because the fit model that a particular brand uses probably has a similar body shape to you so most of their clothes fit well, therefore efficient shopping is about aligning yourself to their fit model.

Each brand creates their own customer profile and employs a fit model accordingly which means that a size 10 in Seed could be a size 14 in Cue!

The model I used to use when I was designing for a youth fast fashion brand had a tiny frame and very little curve where as for a more mature luxury retailer, I would fit my clothes to a more realistic curvy model with a few lumps & bumps. As a stylist in Sydney I know how different brands fit different body types.



Ok, so the main reason that sizes come up so different is because, cue gasp, there is NO INDUSTRY SIZING STANDARD!!

“The Australian Standard Size Coding Scheme for women’s clothing was scrapped in 2008, allowing retailers to develop their own sizing scale based on sales data” Rebecca Sullivan of News.Com.Au reports on September 18, 2016

As I mentioned above, each fashion brand creates it’s own customer profile and generates their sizing specifications based on that and there’s no industry guidelines to align them!

This, mixed with various other issues creates complete havoc for customers. Consider:

  • Trying to police the multiple suppliers each retailer has to adhere to their sizing
  • Every style has an allowance of 1cm or 1.5cm bigger/smaller depending on the brand
  • Allowances in cloth manufacture ie. maybe it’s shrunk slightly in the production dying process compared to the initial sample?
  • Button placement on a waistband could be slightly out?

So you can see that there’s so many variables…and imagine if all these things happened to one garment!!???!!

These disparities are the reason so many Sydney retailers have size’s that come up different so PLEASE, I go back to my earlier point,


My advice: take 2 different sizes in to the fitting room, try both and buy the one that looks the best, regardless of the size label it SHOULD be.


And they’re not what you might expect…

A good wardrobe doesn’t start and end with great clothes and when we talk about ‘key pieces’, it’s not limited to garments.

Here’s a short and inexpensive list of things you need to look better IN your clothes and where to purchase them. It gives your garments a makeover!

They might not appear very glamorous or sexy but trust me, all these behind-the-scenes pieces are key if you want to look consistently stylish:



This easy-to-use roller cleans up your fabrics instantly, particularly handy if your hair molts a lot or if you have pets. You can also use sellotape wrapped around your hands.

Lint Roller – $3 H&M
Sellotape – free!

clothes makeoverclothes makeover



Also known as baking sodathis is the perfect non-chemical way of treating stains and boosts the quality of your liquid detergent. It’s also a natural deodorant, gets rid of smells in your gym kit and you can also drink it as it neutralizes your pH levels!

In fact there are sooooo many benefits of this cheap, natural product that you’ll probably start to use it weekly! Click here for 51 fantastic uses.

All Good supermarkets – $3



This is like a mini ironing board for those tricky areas to press such as sleeves, perfect for details where you need precision such as tucks, folds and pocket openings.

Sleeve ironing board – $15 Catch


clothes makeover clothes makeoverclothes makeover


Ditch your wire coat hangers and swap them for either:

Flocked – feels like velvet, non-slip hangers perfect for strappy or slippery garments that easily fall off hangers

Plastic – ideally with a non slip ends

Wooden – wider in size so they take up more space so use more sparingly for jackets / coats, or occasionally lightweight knitwear.

Clip hangers – the one item I tell nearly ALL my clients to buy more of. Clipping your pants, shorts and skirts by the waistband or hem means they’re not crushed when you go to wear them or have that awful horizontal crease formed when folded in half over a standard hanger. Clip hangers can also come in tired format when you have limited space. Genius.

Muji / Ikea / Howards Storage / Pinklily / Ebay



These are fantastic storage for accessories that can get forgotten about and therefore unworn. Being able to easily see, and access, these finishing touches are key to creating a stronger fashion look.

The storage is slim hanging so takes up limited space so hang them front and center and you’re sure to wear them more frequently.

There are loads of options so shop around for the style that suits your needs, depending on what you wear most, this one is from ebay.

Muji / Ikea / Howards Storage / Pinklily / Ebay


clothes makeoverclothes makeover clothes makeover



Protect garments from pesky moths and mildew without chemicals.

The cedar wood comes in many formats, balls, blocks on hooks as shown here, or hangers so they can fit any space!

Cedar wood blocks – $8 Howards Storage




Wash all your delicates without risk of them being thrown around in the drum of your washing machine.

Fasten any bra hooks so they don’t catch on anything else and do up any zips for the same reason.

Mesh bag set of 3 – $8 Howards Storage

clothes makeoverclothes makeover



To remove pilling and make your clothes look like new, use a battery controlled fabric shaver or even a razor. Perfect for those areas of frequent friction like under the arms, shoulder bag straps or between the thighs!!

De-fuzzer – $18 Howards Storage
Razor – free!



So, as a Sydney stylist where lower end brands have become as popular as the boutiques, I feel the need to redefine the word ‘BARGAIN’

Something’s not a bargain if it costs $20 and u wear it once:


It’s a bargain if u pay $200 for something you LOVE and wear it every fortnight for 2 years:


Now that’s a proper bargain.

A more expensive fashion purchase is easier to justify if it’s versatile, fits your lifestyle and you know you’ll wear that clothes style on high rotation.

Style tip sale shopping

Be Your Own Personal Shopper

If you can’t bring me with your for a PERSONAL SHOPPER experience then think about this when you shop in the sales, DON’T be seduced by a low price (or a bad fashion trend), your clothing choice still needs to be something you love and brings value to your wardrobe.

I just purchased a $5 sweater which I absolutely would have bought full price as I know I will enjoy wearing it as it’s true to my personal style.

Also consider where you will store it? Some clients have a ‘1-in-1-out’ wardrobe planner policy which is effective when limited for space, which is usually the case in Sydney!

It’s easy to ‘consume’ during sale time, buying impulsively which often means without satisfaction.

Take my advice, sales are the perfect time to buy that item you’ve had your eye on, now it’s become affordable, (and probably been sitting in your virtual on-line basket for weeks!). That’s a smart way to shop.

Buy less, choose well.


There’s something incredible about January and seeing our lives tick in to a brand new year, it automatically makes us re-evaluate who we are and how we live our lives.
I don’t know 1 single person who isn’t making at least 1 positive change this January to the way they live their life – i’ve pledged to go alcohol free this month!! (apart from 1 day for my friend’s 40th birthday party so you have to allow me that if you see photos on social media).

I’m not taking about new year resolutions as we’re all old enough to know they don’t last, i’m talking about making this year better than last and that means starting with our self image.

As a personal stylist, I know that what we see every day in the mirror has a profound effect on our well being, do you like what you see?

We evolve as people and our closets need to reflect that, cue your wardrobe makeover Sydney!

Click below to see my YouTube 2018 style makeover video.

Wardrobe Planner

Investing time now will set you up for the busy and often challenging year ahead. My personal styling service will reveal a more stylish version of yourself once we’ve organised, edited and generated your new outfits. Life is easier when you plan your weekly meals isn’t it? Well a WARDROBE PLANNER is another (more fun) version of that!

We use our wardrobes on multiple occasions EVERY SINGLE DAY, so why do we avoid making the time to clean it out as it’s the quickest and easiest way we can start to look & feel better – and isn’t that what we all want?

Because of limited size wardrobes in Sydney, particularly the Eastern Suburbs, we need to edit and rotate our belongings more frequently and be smart about how we use our closet space.

Immediate Results

The results of my personal styling service are instant so you get results IMMEDIATELY!

So if you’ve over indulged this Christmas and new year, or maybe you need help dressing your body type, I can help you look slimmer instantly by teaching you simple design principles.

So stop delaying your self-improvement, what are you scared of, think it won’t work for you, think it will cost you lots of money? Well every single one of my clients is amazed at the results, in fact I conducted a survey and they unanimously fed back that I had over-delivered and if you’re on a budget like many of us are after the festive season, the EXPRESS MAKEOVER is ideal for you.

Trust me, you and your clothes will be pleased you did.


The month of December is all about summer fun and that = COLOUR!!

Clashing colours is an easy fashion trend to follow so experiment with the shades you wear together to give them a new lease of life this season.

Sydney! Colour play is the quickest way to achieve a style makeover as it makes your wardrobe 10 times as exciting, instantly!

About 4 years ago we saw a movement from strong, bold colour (remember the coloured jean trend?) to wearing neutrals head to toe (think Kim K in her leotard ensembles in khaki, camel or nude)

But now colour – and FUN – is back!

Here’s a few real life ways from H&M of playing with the trend after being inspired by this gorgeous pink & red outfit…

colour clash

So rather than automatically pairing solid color with black, denim or neutrals, try adding a complimentary hue to really make your outfit pop!!

Think Victoria Beckham for inspo – simple minimalist shapes in maximum impact colours and you can’t go far wrong.

color combination

Need some style advice about the types of colours to play with, then below are some links to my PINTEREST boards and remember, you don’t have to take the outfits literally but instead extract the interesting colour block combination and apply to your own wardrobe or influence your next shopping trip:

Color combinations

If you’re feeling bold then use bold colours!

If you’re not quite ready to commit, then try:
> combining paler shades
> safer earthy tones
> mix tonal shades as seen on on my Pinterest board  
> add small pops of saturated hues through your accessories such as coloured shoes, as see on my Pinterest board

And remember to have fun!!


No, not that kind. I mean the kind where you get to wear the dress-of-your-dreams for a night, at a fraction of the cost!! Dress hire is changing the way we shop for our outfits, particularly as we approach Christmas & New Year.

It’s like the Air B&B of retail.

Why Hire Your Next Outfit?

> It’s the perfect solution when you want to make a huge impact but for minimum spend as you generally pay 1/4 of the retail price although this can be as little as 1/6! Amazing!!

> Allows you to continually experiment with fashion trends & your personal style however and whenever you fancy

> If you’re on a weight loss program then you can dress your current size without the commitment of buying

> If you missed out buying a piece you now regret then the hire sites may well stock it

> I’m big on recycling fashion and hiring your next outfit allows guilt free shopping, both for your pocket and the environment!

> Hiring avoids cluttering up your wardrobes with one-off pieces because we all know how hard it is to store gowns, fascinators and hats

> Offers pregnancy-friendly, mother-of-the-bride and bridesmaid options too so if you’re planning your wedding, look no further

> Alternatively if you have beautiful clothes sat in your wardrobe collecting dust, why not try renting them out as a side-hussle and recycle that money on some fab new threads?

It’s human nature to want what what others have… and now you can!

Obviously you have to select the style by size depending on what they have available but with 100’s of fashion styles listed, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Most come with a pre-paid addressed return envelope and include dry cleaning which makes the process super easy.

Here’s my pick of the best..


1. Her Wardrobe

Based in Melbourne but express ship Australia wide you can hire dresses, jumpsuits, millinery and accessories and with $10 off your first dress hire what are you waiting for? They even have a ‘pregnancy-friendly’ section because let’s face it, who want’s to wear daggy maternity dresses?

Elevate your fashion style with dress hire


2. Your Closet

Based in Brookvale NSW but ship Australia wide. These guys also have a ‘bump-friendly’ section as well as a ‘mother-of-the-bride’ collection which is always a notoriously tricky area.

Elevate your fashion style with dress hire


3. One Night Stand Boutique

Based in all major cities, ship Australia wide and are open 7 days a week with no appointment needed! This boutique just focuses on dresses, not accessories too, but they do offer a bridesmaid service stocking several of the same style which is genius, however, you do have to pay for your own returns.

Elevate your clothes style with outfit hire


4. Outdress

A 100% free service to list your clothes but you have to download the app first but well worth it as there are some lust-worthy pieces to shop OR a free way for you to make money!!

Elevate your clothes style with outfit hire




This is me, chatting to you to try and give you a better idea of the value I add to your wardrobe during our time together. Throughout the WARDROBE MAKEOVER we workshop your belongings, exploring new combinations, identifying key pieces whilst building a stronger personal image.

I show you how to wear purchases you may not have worn yet as you didn’t know how, breath new life in to old pieces with simple style tips or through pairing them with something you would never have thought of. As a WARDROBE PLANNER I help you to re-think and re-evaluate certain belongings.

You will be amazed at how many more potential outfits you already have in your wardrobe, you just need a professional stylist to show you how!

Styling Services

This video was shot after a successful 3 hour wardrobe styling service with a client in which we created over 90 new combinations!!!!! I say ‘WE created’ as by the end of most sessions, my clients have understood how to construct an impactful outfit and are doing it themselves, and this is a huge part of my ethos, to teach you HOW to dress better rather than me just telling you what to wear. Learn more about my MAKEOVER PROCESS here.

These 90 new outfits are in addition to the combinations my client already wore, so in reality she would have nearer 1.5 years worth of fantastic ensembles!! Whilst I can’t guarantee the same amount for all my clients as it obviously depends upon the size and contents of your wardrobe.

I have had a few clients that have actually not wanted me to stop so they have gone to collect their child from nursery/school and left me in their house to continue building them new combinations so they never have to think about what they wear ever again! It’s testament to not only the value I bring to their every day life, but also to the fact that my community feels relaxed and trusts me 100% which for me, is the best feeling ever.

The Wardrobe Makeover Follow Up

I do talk a lot during our time together as I have so much knowledge to impart but don’t worry, I write up all our findings in bespoke summaries I send to you including visuals to make it really easy for you to understand the design principles that will have you looking better in no time.

We do also make quite a mess during the WARDROBE MAKEOVER but I can also help put your belongings back in your closet and draws in a re-organised way, depending on your needs and the space available.

Fashion Expert

I am your fashion advisor across all areas, whether it’s fabric knowledge, how to fold garments or how to hem a jean so the wash effect is still visible, i’m am here to help you.

You’re needs might be more confident related and need advice with what clothing style is appropriate or help to dress a challenging part of your body. Whatever it is, i’m your style expert and I adjust my services to suit your needs.


Although I love fashion trends, I love them the most when they’re practical and support our busy lifestyles as mums, enter the superstar midi skirt which I’ve been banging on about for the last few months as a fashion-trend-turned-wardrobe-essential and why I recommend this item in my MUMMY MAKEOVER SYDNEY service.

It’s a garment long enough to keep us warm during these months when the weather is awkward and hides our modesty when running around after our little ones, bending over to get them out the car etc. They look fantastic with flat shoes yet still elegant enough to be worn with a heel out in the evening or to work.

Find Your Style

Lots of clients avoid skirts as they don’t know how to outfit them and lack confidence with which style is right for them. My advice is to start with an ‘A’ line shape as it’s universally the easiest style to make work, the key is to generally tuck the top in and show some of the waistband to ensure the most flattering look.

Skirts are so comfortable to wear and SO much easier to fit well compared to other clothes such as pants. If you have wider calf muscles, try and get the finished length to finish at a narrower part of the leg.


how to dress


How to Dress

As a PERSONAL SHOPPER I spend a lot of time introducing clients to different skirt and top combinations in a variety of silhouettes.

It’s these versatile trans-seasonal clothes that should make up the bulk of your wardrobe as they can be cleverly styled up to create new looks. I’ve pulled together a few easy-to-wear playground appropriate outfits using the midi skirt and my other favorite must have, the statement tee. This is another garment that’s easy-fit, easy-care, easy-wear!

This is an easy outfit formula that can create a variety of looks suitable for not only the playground, but the office, a lunch date, meetings or even the grocery shopping :

Easy Outfit Formula