So now you’ve seen the interview outfit inspiration, the next question I get asked is ‘where can I get these clothes from?’

My first answer is always to SHOP IN YOUR OWN WARDROBE as nowadays, you don’t have to rush out to buy a conventional black suit as an interview uniform, as there are numerous other options to wear and often you may already have some suitable hiding in your wardrobe, such as textured jackets or culottes? If not, I encourage you to borrow something from a similar sized friend!

If you need the help of a professional to give you style advice and feel you just don’t have the appropriate clothes at your disposal, then we could conduct a PERSONAL SHOPPER session where I would introduce you to the relevant fashion brands and clothes styles:

Remember that you may need to create more than 1 interview outfit depending on how many meetings they request with you!

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I’m proud to announce that I have been partnering with Mums@Work recruitment agency, one of the first in the UAE to encourage desperately needed flexible & part-time work for skilled mum’s who want to return to the workforce.

The first question candidates often ask is “what should I wear to the interview?” and the answer depends on what industry sector you are interviewing for, as it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Business attire for women can vary massively, it also depends on how far in to the process you are, the location of the meeting and who will be interviewing you.

An EXPRESS MAKEOVER could be the ideal service to help find your perfect outfit for your interview/s and planning your outfits for your first few months of employment.

Personal Branding:

Creating and protecting your personal brand is vital within the business world, regardless of sector and we are summed up within 6 seconds* because of how we present ourselves which is proof that everything we choose to wear is scrutinized!

Learn more about the importance of a PERSONAL IMAGE CONSULTANT.

In the meantime, here’s some outfit inspiration I put together with vital do’s & don’ts to help you make the right first impression (click to enlarge):


*source – How To Make Anyone Like You by Leil Lowndes


More and more fashion companies are setting up a new type of business model for consumers who want to ‘rent’ fashion, rather than commit to a purchase.

This allows the person to have a constantly revolving wardrobe which keeps them looking up-to-date, but avoids the problem of what to do with garments once you have got bored of them. Particularly helpful if you regularly need statement items for special occasions, if your size fluctuates, or if you want to experiment with your style.

Rent the Runway is a USA based company who have been selling this new concept of recycling fashion, as are denim brand Mud who actually recycle returned jeans.


As a Sydney colour consultant, my business is based on helping people understand why certain shades look better on them than others. It depends on your natural colourings – and one of those is the colour of your hair.

These 2 articles are re-pinned from WHO WHAT WEAR and shows what type of colours look better on 1. brunettes and 2. blondes. Although it’s quite generic as it doesn’t take in to account eye/skin tone, it’s an effective quick-guide.



Brunette hair colours

Blonde hair colours

Colour is the quickest way to give yourself a wardrobe makeover as it transforms us instantly!!

Most hairdressers give style advice telling us we shouldn’t change our hair more than 2 tones from our natural shade, unless it’s a fashion colour such as the pink and purple we have seen recently, so why not enhance what you have?


My personal styling services are all about offering practical and cost saving advice so I love a quick fashion tip – a piece of style advice that’s easy to follow & results in wearing more of your wardrobe in a more stylish way.

Enter ‘separates

The dress trend has been recently taken over by the top & skirt combo which looks more edgy, particularly if the skirt sits on hi-waist and the top is slightly cropped.

However, there’s no need to rush out and spend money on the new fashion trend, just tweak a longer top you have already with a simple knot!

It gives your garment an instant makeover!!

This way, you can crop it as short as you like, depending on where your skirt waistband sits and how adventurous you feel.

Tip : It works better if the top is stretchy.

Eva Longoria

This is a great example of when a woman wears the wrong shape and colour for her particular features (click on image to enlarge). Eva Longoria is a beautiful, slender woman.

However, the outfit on the left:-
– swamps her petite figure
– makes her athletic figure look more rectangular
– does not flatter her winter colourings

Yet the outfit on the right :-
– has less fabric and doesn’t over take her-even if it was a maxi
– defines her waist and makes her appear curvier
– is a more vibrant shade to suit her skin tone

Let it go – a closet makeover

This is a fantastic article in Design Sponge from May by Amy Azzarito. It outlines how “buying less makes you rethink your possessions” and when you actually make the time and space to be able to see all your possessions, you value them.

We clutter up our wardrobes surprisingly quickly, which makes it difficult to appreciate what we have, and therefore nothing brings us pleasure and so we just keep on buying. Realising how your current possessions can work for you definitely makes you hesitate when buying more. It’s a great read with some great tips and i couldn’t agree with her more!

Click here to read the full article :-

Let it Go: A Closet Makeover

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 9.22.28 PM

How to wear…the essential asymmetric wrap skirt

This skirt shape is really flattering due to the uneven hemline that doesn’t cut the legs off so harshly, like standard horizontal hemlines. It works in minis & pencils and can also look fantastic in softer fabrics too.

Take care : if the fabric is thick & heavy, the wrap creates layers of fabric which can sit on top of each other and end up adding bulk around the hips & thighs. So if you are larger in this area, choose a pencil length in a medium/lightweight cloth.

Perfect for apple shapes

This kimono x-over shape is perfect for apple shape – those of us who carry weight around their stomachs. This is a key shape for A/W and can be found in most fashion forward retailers.

I chose examples from Zara / Country Road / Lisa Ho but ASOS and Topshop also do great, well priced, examples. It’s unusual for blouse shape to look great with a sleeve but this x-over does, which makes it practical and perfect for this time of year.

PS: works when you have a pregnancy bump too!