There’s something incredible about January and seeing our lives tick in to a brand new year, it automatically makes us re-evaluate who we are and how we live our lives.
I don’t know 1 single person who isn’t making at least 1 positive change this January to the way they live their life – i’ve pledged to go alcohol free this month!! (apart from 1 day for my friend’s 40th birthday party so you have to allow me that if you see photos on social media).

I’m not taking about new year resolutions as we’re all old enough to know they don’t last, i’m talking about making this year better than last and that means starting with our self image.

As a personal stylist, I know that what we see every day in the mirror has a profound effect on our well being, do you like what you see?

We evolve as people and our closets need to reflect that, cue your wardrobe makeover Sydney!

Click below to see my YouTube 2018 style makeover video.

Wardrobe Planner

Investing time now will set you up for the busy and often challenging year ahead. My personal styling service will reveal a more stylish version of yourself once we’ve organised, edited and generated your new outfits. Life is easier when you plan your weekly meals isn’t it? Well a WARDROBE PLANNER is another (more fun) version of that!

We use our wardrobes on multiple occasions EVERY SINGLE DAY, so why do we avoid making the time to clean it out as it’s the quickest and easiest way we can start to look & feel better – and isn’t that what we all want?

Because of limited size wardrobes in Sydney, particularly the Eastern Suburbs, we need to edit and rotate our belongings more frequently and be smart about how we use our closet space.

Immediate Results

The results of my personal styling service are instant so you get results IMMEDIATELY!

So if you’ve over indulged this Christmas and new year, or maybe you need help dressing your body type, I can help you look slimmer instantly by teaching you simple design principles.

So stop delaying your self-improvement, what are you scared of, think it won’t work for you, think it will cost you lots of money? Well every single one of my clients is amazed at the results, in fact I conducted a survey and they unanimously fed back that I had over-delivered and if you’re on a budget like many of us are after the festive season, the EXPRESS MAKEOVER is ideal for you.

Trust me, you and your clothes will be pleased you did.


The month of December is all about summer fun and that = COLOUR!!

Clashing colours is an easy fashion trend to follow so experiment with the shades you wear together to give them a new lease of life this season.

Sydney! Colour play is the quickest way to achieve a style makeover as it makes your wardrobe 10 times as exciting, instantly!

About 4 years ago we saw a movement from strong, bold colour (remember the coloured jean trend?) to wearing neutrals head to toe (think Kim K in her leotard ensembles in khaki, camel or nude)

But now colour – and FUN – is back!

Here’s a few real life ways from H&M of playing with the trend after being inspired by this gorgeous pink & red outfit…

colour clash

So rather than automatically pairing solid color with black, denim or neutrals, try adding a complimentary hue to really make your outfit pop!!

Think Victoria Beckham for inspo – simple minimalist shapes in maximum impact colours and you can’t go far wrong.

color combination

Need some style advice about the types of colours to play with, then below are some links to my PINTEREST boards and remember, you don’t have to take the outfits literally but instead extract the interesting colour block combination and apply to your own wardrobe or influence your next shopping trip:

Color combinations

If you’re feeling bold then use bold colours!

If you’re not quite ready to commit, then try:
> combining paler shades
> safer earthy tones
> mix tonal shades as seen on on my Pinterest board  
> add small pops of saturated hues through your accessories such as coloured shoes, as see on my Pinterest board

And remember to have fun!!


No, not that kind. I mean the kind where you get to wear the dress-of-your-dreams for a night, at a fraction of the cost!! Dress hire is changing the way we shop for our outfits, particularly as we approach Christmas & New Year.

It’s like the Air B&B of retail.

Why Hire Your Next Outfit?

> It’s the perfect solution when you want to make a huge impact but for minimum spend as you generally pay 1/4 of the retail price although this can be as little as 1/6! Amazing!!

> Allows you to continually experiment with fashion trends & your personal style however and whenever you fancy

> If you’re on a weight loss program then you can dress your current size without the commitment of buying

> If you missed out buying a piece you now regret then the hire sites may well stock it

> I’m big on recycling fashion and hiring your next outfit allows guilt free shopping, both for your pocket and the environment!

> Hiring avoids cluttering up your wardrobes with one-off pieces because we all know how hard it is to store gowns, fascinators and hats

> Offers pregnancy-friendly, mother-of-the-bride and bridesmaid options too so if you’re planning your wedding, look no further

> Alternatively if you have beautiful clothes sat in your wardrobe collecting dust, why not try renting them out as a side-hussle and recycle that money on some fab new threads?

It’s human nature to want what what others have… and now you can!

Obviously you have to select the style by size depending on what they have available but with 100’s of fashion styles listed, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Most come with a pre-paid addressed return envelope and include dry cleaning which makes the process super easy.

Here’s my pick of the best..


1. Her Wardrobe

Based in Melbourne but express ship Australia wide you can hire dresses, jumpsuits, millinery and accessories and with $10 off your first dress hire what are you waiting for? They even have a ‘pregnancy-friendly’ section because let’s face it, who want’s to wear daggy maternity dresses?

Elevate your fashion style with dress hire


2. Your Closet

Based in Brookvale NSW but ship Australia wide. These guys also have a ‘bump-friendly’ section as well as a ‘mother-of-the-bride’ collection which is always a notoriously tricky area.

Elevate your fashion style with dress hire


3. One Night Stand Boutique

Based in all major cities, ship Australia wide and are open 7 days a week with no appointment needed! This boutique just focuses on dresses, not accessories too, but they do offer a bridesmaid service stocking several of the same style which is genius, however, you do have to pay for your own returns.

Elevate your clothes style with outfit hire


4. Outdress

A 100% free service to list your clothes but you have to download the app first but well worth it as there are some lust-worthy pieces to shop OR a free way for you to make money!!

Elevate your clothes style with outfit hire




This is me, chatting to you to try and give you a better idea of the value I add to your wardrobe during our time together. Throughout the WARDROBE MAKEOVER we workshop your belongings, exploring new combinations, identifying key pieces whilst building a stronger personal image.

I show you how to wear purchases you may not have worn yet as you didn’t know how, breath new life in to old pieces with simple style tips or through pairing them with something you would never have thought of. As a WARDROBE PLANNER I help you to re-think and re-evaluate certain belongings.

You will be amazed at how many more potential outfits you already have in your wardrobe, you just need a professional stylist to show you how!

Styling Services

This video was shot after a successful 3 hour wardrobe styling service with a client in which we created over 90 new combinations!!!!! I say ‘WE created’ as by the end of most sessions, my clients have understood how to construct an impactful outfit and are doing it themselves, and this is a huge part of my ethos, to teach you HOW to dress better rather than me just telling you what to wear. Learn more about my MAKEOVER PROCESS here.

These 90 new outfits are in addition to the combinations my client already wore, so in reality she would have nearer 1.5 years worth of fantastic ensembles!! Whilst I can’t guarantee the same amount for all my clients as it obviously depends upon the size and contents of your wardrobe.

I have had a few clients that have actually not wanted me to stop so they have gone to collect their child from nursery/school and left me in their house to continue building them new combinations so they never have to think about what they wear ever again! It’s testament to not only the value I bring to their every day life, but also to the fact that my community feels relaxed and trusts me 100% which for me, is the best feeling ever.

The Wardrobe Makeover Follow Up

I do talk a lot during our time together as I have so much knowledge to impart but don’t worry, I write up all our findings in bespoke summaries I send to you including visuals to make it really easy for you to understand the design principles that will have you looking better in no time.

We do also make quite a mess during the WARDROBE MAKEOVER but I can also help put your belongings back in your closet and draws in a re-organised way, depending on your needs and the space available.

Fashion Expert

I am your fashion advisor across all areas, whether it’s fabric knowledge, how to fold garments or how to hem a jean so the wash effect is still visible, i’m am here to help you.

You’re needs might be more confident related and need advice with what clothing style is appropriate or help to dress a challenging part of your body. Whatever it is, i’m your style expert and I adjust my services to suit your needs.


Although I love fashion trends, I love them the most when they’re practical and support our busy lifestyles as mums, enter the superstar midi skirt which I’ve been banging on about for the last few months as a fashion-trend-turned-wardrobe-essential and why I recommend this item in my MUMMY MAKEOVER SYDNEY service.

It’s a garment long enough to keep us warm during these months when the weather is awkward and hides our modesty when running around after our little ones, bending over to get them out the car etc. They look fantastic with flat shoes yet still elegant enough to be worn with a heel out in the evening or to work.

Find Your Style

Lots of clients avoid skirts as they don’t know how to outfit them and lack confidence with which style is right for them. My advice is to start with an ‘A’ line shape as it’s universally the easiest style to make work, the key is to generally tuck the top in and show some of the waistband to ensure the most flattering look.

Skirts are so comfortable to wear and SO much easier to fit well compared to other clothes such as pants. If you have wider calf muscles, try and get the finished length to finish at a narrower part of the leg.


how to dress


How to Dress

As a PERSONAL SHOPPER I spend a lot of time introducing clients to different skirt and top combinations in a variety of silhouettes.

It’s these versatile trans-seasonal clothes that should make up the bulk of your wardrobe as they can be cleverly styled up to create new looks. I’ve pulled together a few easy-to-wear playground appropriate outfits using the midi skirt and my other favorite must have, the statement tee. This is another garment that’s easy-fit, easy-care, easy-wear!

This is an easy outfit formula that can create a variety of looks suitable for not only the playground, but the office, a lunch date, meetings or even the grocery shopping :

Easy Outfit Formula



Altering your clothes is the KEY to creating a strong personal image. Tailoring your clothes and giving them a personalized makeover is the difference between a good outfit and a GREAT outfit.

Personal Style

When you think of people with great personal style, the chances are they have a tailor on speed dial. A tailor is like a magical unicorn who makes our clothes look amazing on us.

I’m always surprised at how my clients blame themselves for badly fitting clothes when often it’s the clothes (‘it’s not you, it’s me’ type thing) and unfortunately very few women in life are a perfect 10 fit model and so to make our clothes look the best on us they can, a tweak here-and-there is money well spent, particularly if you regularly purchase on-line and it costs to return it, why not spend that money on altering it instead?

Read more industry insight in to clothing sizes here

A Makeover For Your Clothes

Don’t think of it as ‘I’m not purchasing this item as it’s not perfect’ but instead be realistic about buying mass-manufactured clothes and if you love everything about it apart from say, the length, then alter it. As long as the alteration is an easy one that will cost only a small amount, then it’s a win-win. You will end up with an item you LOVE, that you wear frequently, lasts you years and what’s more, you might even receive some compliments on!?

Tweak the high street to create your wardrobe staples.

Alterations a clothes makeover

Spot the difference! Above is an example of when I altered this gorgeous skirt & top which I fell in love with, but just had too much fabric for me (I think it was designed for a super model gazelle) so I chopped in and took it in.

Now I just need the hubby to invite me on a date so I can wear it….


I’ve been lucky enough to visit Randwick horse racing in Sydney recently and I’ve been shocked that so many women were wearing EXACTLY the same dress (I spied 6 ladies wearing 1 particular fashion style!!?!) Why not think outside the box and try a skirt + top combination or a pantsuit which looks more contemporary and a little more unexpected?

You might not be dressing with the aim of entering the ‘fashion in the field’ competition but attending an event like the races is the ideal excuse to have fun with your image so experiment with your clothes, accessories and hair. Why not go for it and give yourself a mini makeover for the event?

Style Tips

As an image consultant, I advise clients to purchase a skirt + top as they’re fantastic investments as you can mix & match the separate pieces with other items from your wardrobe to create many different looks to ensure you get maximum value from your purchases. Separates are also handy when you are a different size on top to bottom, which so many women are!

Pantsuits, or jumpsuits as some people call them, can look more sophisticated and are perfect if you don’t love your legs. Choose silk or a quality viscose to keep your look elevated and go for a bright color if you want to get noticed or a more subtle shade if you plan to wear the pantsuit to work.


Races fashion Style


Find Your Style

Whatever look you’re going for, girly, sexy or edgy, don’t be conditioned in to thinking a dress is the only option, find your own style. There’s lots of fashion trends to be inspired by that can be interpreted through many different styles.

As a personal stylist I encourage my clients to buy an occasion outfit when they see one, even if an event seems a long way away, because as like most things, the event will be here before you know it, but the outfit will be gone, so try it on and snap it up if you love it!

Alternatively, re-style an old favourite using fab new accessories or borrow something from a friend to avoid rocking up to an event looking like you’re competing in a pageant.


Almost every client I have worked with asks me to put together a versatile, flattering capsule wardrobe. Every person’s capsule is different depending on their lifestyle, taste level and budget.

If you want to find out what your capsule wardrobe could look like, click here to find out more and book in a session!

When I relocated back to Sydney from Dubai, I have a very limited luggage allowance which meant I had to pack thoughtfully as what I carried with me needed to satisfy 2 months worth of varied activities & climates.

As a wardrobe planner I packed 9 carefully chosen fashion styles that mixed and matched together to create 24 different outfits. I kept my colour palette tight but threw in a couple of more interesting patterned accessories to avoid boredom. Easy!

Personal Taste

It’s amazing when you find your personal style as your purchases naturally start to co-ordinate better and in turn, you can create more outfits from your wardrobe. This is true here as pieces work together that you wouldn’t obviously put together, who knew a blue check blazer looks good with a floral patterned bag!


As a wardrobe stylist I’ve seen complete extremes in peoples wardrobes, one client with only 15 items, yet another housing over 20 years worth of clothes and accessories across four huge rooms.

It’s amazing how over the years we can accumulate so many ‘things’, scarves, jackets, shoes etc. and it’s essential that every now and again, you review what is taking up your valuable wardrobe space and question whether it’s still relevant to your lifestyle.

Click here to read more about my WARDROBE MAKEOVER consultant service.

Wardrobe Makeover

Every week I make-over clients, but I also make-over their wardrobes and let’s face it, Sydney wardrobes tend to be small and therefore need more regular edits! I cleanse and re-organise making sure all the items we put back in your closet serve you. Often we have to be more creative about how we utilize smaller areas and there is some fantastic space saving devices nowadays so it pays to shop around. Have a look at my PINTEREST board for some space saving hacks.

And after all, January is the perfect month to cleanse…

(click to enlarge & read)


personal styling servicespersonal styling services personal styling services  personal styling services


Chuffed to have my instagram account featured in Emirates Woman luxury mini-magazine this October.

There was only 3 of us included and it’s fantastic to get recognition for my personal style, especially when that also includes my other obsession – my daughter!

I love discovering new people through social media and if I could, I’d spend hours down the rabbit hole that is instagram. I’m a huge fan of the other 2 mum’s featured here too.

My instagram account makes me accountable for my personal branding, which in turn encourages me to wear a lot more of my wardrobe, it’s a win-win!

Follow me for styling tips and insider fashion advice.